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James Island SC

Elite Fence is a local fencing company, offering fence installation and fence repair in James Island and surrounding areas. For free fence installation cost estimation, get a no obligatory quote today. 

In 2010, started as a one-man company which turned into a gigantic fencing and deck building company. Now, we have hundreds of satisfied clients and have completed more than 2000 different fencing and 1000+ deck building projects. Our working environment, loyalty, punctuality and reasonable pricing distinguish us from other fence companies in James Island SC. 

Are you looking to hire experts for deck, fence, screened porch and pergola construction? Consider us a loyal partner. 

James Island SC

Fence Company Charleston SC

We offer a vast variety of fence installation and repair services in Charleston and its neighboring territories. As a renowned local fencing company, we are motivated to serve community with services that improve our business image. With 10+ years of fencing experience, we have established relationships with companies that manufacture the best quality material for fencing and decking. Our knowledge, skills and expertise are our business backbone. Our top priority behind work is client satisfaction. 

Local fence installation James Island SC

Elite Fence chooses a path following which we can deliver a great customer experience, top-quality products and ideal installation. As a local fence installer company in James Island SC, we are familiar with local and social trends. We can suggest a better opportunity that will put safety and security for your property at higher priority. 

Have you ever tried any other fence installer and are not satisfied with its services? Give us a chance, we will prove ourselves as the best fencing James Island SC company. 

How are we different?

A few reasons that are behind our success and popularity are 

We offer free consultation

The first thing that a user needs regarding any service is guidance. A professional can better deliver all aspects of that service. Our fence company James Island SC is the only fencing company that allows owners’ meeting with experts for consultation. Regarding our consultation, our consultants deliver every important fact about exterior redesigning. 

We represent a 3D structure

Once owner is convinced or has already chosen the fencing type and design, we visualize multiple 3D renders regarding design. This 3D demonstration opens up property owner’s mind about fencing material, structure, texture and final view. We adopt a better demonstrative approach as it saves time and owner’s money that he would spend by himself. 

Cost-effective fencing approach

Cost-effective fencing refers to everything that has potential to affect fencing budget. Factors can be material availability, material transportation, project completion time, manpower and multiple design features. If a property visits our James Island SC fencing facility today, we will start working today to save time, money and resources. 

Dedicated customer support

Once our experts have completed the project, we keep in touch with owner for any future problem. Most of the time, owners don’t face difficulties but they just need schedule inspection and maintenance. However, when an owner is facing problem, our fencing experts visit location to overview and treat problem. Low-cost ongoing maintenance for every client. 

No hidden costs

Mostly, when fence installers start a project, they tease owners with multiple hidden costs. These costs may reflect material incoming, increased manpower etc. With Elite Fence, you will not face such conditions. Once the project cost is finalized before starting fencing project, we stick to it and never charge more in the name of hidden costs. 

Licensed and insured individuals

Elite Fence company is an insured fence installation James Island SC company which means we will pay for any on-site accident. Our fencing experts are licensed and they have experience and are well-aware of fencing work. Hiring Elite Fence for your fencing project means your property will be secured for ideal life expectancy based on material.

We offer a vast variety of fence installation and repair services in Charleston and its neighboring territories. As a renowned local fencing company, we are motivated to serve community with services that improve our business image. With 10+ years of fencing experience, we have established relationships with companies that manufacture the best quality material for fencing and decking. Our knowledge, skills and expertise are our business backbone. Our top priority behind work is client satisfaction.

Why hire a local fence installer in North Charleston SC?

Hiring a local fence company in North Charleston SC is feasible for both commercial and residential properties. Local fencing company tries to deliver the best possible services to maintain business integrity and name. 

Here is why you should choose a local fencing company in North Charleston SC.

Competitive Pricing

A local fence company North Charleston SC always sees and avails opportunities to expand business. Due to the highly competitive nature of fencing in North Charleston SC, local fence builders tend to provide the top quality materials at a low cost. 

From a business perspective, getting low margin from a project and having multiple projects in queue is preferred as compared to work on a high commission one. Elite Fence company always offers competitive prices for products and services. You can ask around and compare our pricing with other fence installers. You will always find us a reasonable and low-budget fence installation option. 

Dedicated Customer Service

Many fence companies Charleston SC just want to grab as many projects as possible. Mostly, they are not concerned about what type of feedback they will get afterward. With Elite Fence company, we always prioritize customer services. We are a local fence installation North Charleston SC. 

For better customer service, we are always available to serve even after project completion. First, our working standards are unbeatable but still if, somehow, a customer demands to add or minus something from installed fence or deck, we will do it. Being your local North Charleston SC fence builder, we are laser-focused to hear and implement what customer demands. 

Product Guarantee

Being your local fence installer in North Charleston SC, we tend to deliver the best possible fence and deck installation facilities. We use recommended, high-quality and in-demand materials to construct fence. Talking about wood fence, we offer cedar, redwood and pine as core materials. It’s up to the client what type of wood fencing he prefers.

Each fencing material has its own life expectancy. As we use the best quality materials, our products serve for ideal lifetime. We are a fencing company near me that provides all types of fencing including aluminum, wood, vinyl and chain link fence. To ensure maximum lifespan, we recommend availing our scheduled maintenance facilities. As for wood fence, once or twice a year and for vinyl, once in two years maintenance. 

Material Choice

With plenty of options available onboard, Elite Fence offers you multiple choices to pick from. For every fence type, we have at least 5 options. We can install a fence depending on choice and needs. 

For commercial and residential fence installation, there are different types of materials. Moreover, for commercial properties, key priority is security. A galvanized chain link is preferable to install for your business sites as such a fence doesn’t fall victim to corrosion and wear, and tear. For residential fence installation North Charleston SC, you get wood, vinyl, chain link and aluminum fences. Are you not aware of what fence type is best for your landscape? Our fencing consultation can help you to pick the best one suitable to your requirement and budget. 

Insured Company 

Many fence installation North Charleston SC companies are not insured as they have to pay annually to the concerned department. Elite Fence is not just a local fencing company operating in North Charleston SC but our fence installers and company itself is insured. 

As Elite Fence company has professional fence installers, you don’t have to worry about workplace accidents. If somehow, your property is damaged during fence or deck building, we got you covered. We will pay for damages. Relying on a local and insured fence installation and fence repair North Charleston SC company is advantageous both for homeowners and commercial property 

Licensed Fence Builders

Licensed fence company means company is registered to perform installation and repair work. With a local fence company, that is licensed, quality of services you get is splendid. Elite Fence company is licensed and our fence installers are licensed too. We will take care of wants and needs throughout the fencing project. 

However, fence installation as a DIY project is cheaper than hiring a local insured fence company but the work done will have a professional tone. Elite Fence company is already familiar with local construction codes and legal requirements. We can handle both commercial and residential fencing projects with same precision. As we are insured and licensed, we are liable if any injury or accident happens on-site. 

Better Customer Relationship   

Elite Fence, a local fence company Charleston SC, has maintained its image for years as for us, there is no compromise on work quality. It’s the reason that we have a 5-star rating as a lock fence contractor. 

For a good customer relationship, we are always in touch with our former clients. Whenever a client is facing fence and deck problem, they contact us freely and we reply without any delay. Plus, we ask them for their opinion on job completion which is always a satisfactory response.

Commercial and Residential Fencing James Island SC

As we have been running a fencing business for over a decade, we are familiar with ups and downs that an owner may face if property doesn’t have a fence. For years, we have been offering fencing solutions in James Island, Charleston, Summerville, North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Mt. Pleasant, Goose Creek and beyond. Due to such business admiration and fencing expertise, we offer multiple fence installation facilities. 

Our fence installation services are valid for both commercial and residential owners. Considering the nature of the landscape, area and trend, we can install a fence that is strong and beautiful. 

For residential properties, we can install wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain link fences. With commercial buildings, we prefer to consider the client’s choice and see what he proposes. If a business owner has nothing to suggest, we can install such a fence that authenticates the maximum level of security. 

Commercial and Residential Fencing James Island SC

  • Aluminum Fence
  • Chain Link Fence 
  • Wood Fence
  • Vinyl Fence
  • Pool Fence 
  • Privacy Fence

Fence Repair James Island SC

Repairing something is a work-of-art as no one can differentiate the difference between new and repaired item. We offer fence repair James Island SC services with same goals. Many fence installation businesses have drowned as they cannot fulfill client requirements. When a fence gets damaged, security of perimeter is at risk. Once owner hires a fence company, he wants that work to be done professionally as both strength and uniqueness are restored. 

Are you in search of a fence company near me that can repair fence as you want? You will not find an option better than Elite Fence company. Our fence installers perform fence repair work with same motivation as they have with new fence installation. 

Our fence repair James Island SC services

Both residential and commercial owners can avail our fence repair services. We are experts at restoring the full strength of fence without even giving a hint that fence has been repaired. Have a broken fence and looking for a fencing company near me? Let us know. 

Fence straightening

Fence de-shaped due to climate changes, vehicle impact, no maintenance and many other possible reasons. This happens mostly with chain link fence and aluminum fence. Our fence installers regain the original shape of fence without any feasible impressions (non-linear form). 

Fence repair

Fence repair is the generalized form in which a solution of everything is included that can disturb the natural nature of the fence. As for a rusted fence, we apply rust removal techniques and repaint it or in worse condition, we can replace it with new one. Get every possible fencing repair solution.

Fence replacement

Partial or full fence replacement is a process when fence repair is no longer a feasible option. We have to apply this method to those fences that haven’t been touched (maintained) for ages. Our fence replacement involves post, rusted fence, damaged privacy fence replacement and more. 

Staining and painting

Staining and painting refer to coating wooden and metallic material with varnish, oil or paint to extend their natural life. Painting is a cost-effective way to protect a material for natural phenomena i.e. moisture absorption. Expect to achieve the ideal life of your fence with our painting & staining. 

Rotten Wood

Due to climate changes and wood’s natural limited-resistive quality, in-ground part of wood fence (post end) gets damaged. Other reasons can be fungal expansion, moisture interaction and carelessness. In such a case, we exchange wood pickets with new one. Pickets and rails are analyzed for same issue.

Rust Removal

As wrought iron fence has a longer life expectancy, it still needs maintenance. Due to moisture and corrosive nature of metal, it rusts. With rusting, not only lifespan of fence is decreased but security of premises too. Our experts will remove rusted parts and coat them with paint film to prevent further rusting. 

Fence Warping

Fence warping is a general fault with wood fence when pickets or boards result in stretching and bowing. Due to strong wind blowing and moisture variation, fence warping can be observed. To prevent splitting and warping, we will install back rails that will keep pickets or wooden boards in shape. 


For any kind of fence repair James Island SC facility, we are 24/7 available. Give us a call and explain your problem or get a free online quote. Our fence installation James Island SC experts will be there in no time. Want to solve your fence-related problem? Let it be done professionally.

Deck Builder James Island SC

An exterior designing agency that comes with actual and reasonable solutions is what admired by others. Our company has been offering deck installation services for over 7 years in James Island SC. Our built deck not only improves your outdoor beauty but is a wise investment to expand your living space and improve your property value. As property experts say ‘a property having a deck or screen porch has maximum chances to be sold at the price that owner demands.’ 

Do you have free outdoor space and want to convert it into a beautiful sitting place?  Let us help you. We are offering deck, pergola and screened porch building services in James Island, Charleston, and other cities. We are a Charleston-based deck and fence installation company that is willing to serve community with moral values. As we have been in this business for over 10 years, we haven’t received any complaints about our work. Why? We are a licensed, local, expert and family-owned decking company and we know how to maintain our business dignity. 

Deck Builder Charleston SC

We are focused to provide homeowners best and finest services who tend to expand and improve their property’s looks. We complete over 600 different deck building projects annually and we can proudly say “we are the exact match to improve your outdoor property”. 

We are thankful to our dedicated team of builders, sales personnel, project managers, workers, and warranty technicians who value our clients and put customer’s choices above everything else. 

Let us make your vision a Reality!

When it comes to build deck, screened porch or pergola, we offer plenty of design options. Choosing whatever design, we will build a customized deck that fulfills your demands.

Talk to our experts today for a free consultation about deck installation. Get a reasonable quote right away.

Our Services – Deck Builder Near Me

To invest in your outdoors and to convert it into an amazing, relaxing and entertaining place, a professionally built deck is tough to beat. We offer deck installation for different materials. Have a look at how our installed deck will stand up to elements for a longer time. 

Wood Decking 

Wood decking reflects construction of deck with wood. For wood decking, we can use cedar, redwood, treated wood and pine. In wood decking, our installed structure will have life expectancy according to material used to build it. For a general estimation, a wood deck with proper maintenance can last for 15-20 years. 

Composite Decking

Composite decking is form of deck building as material of construction is composed of wood fibers and plastic. A more durable deck building option that has multiple times resistive ability as compared to wood decking. Deck builds with composite materials can last up to 30 years and requires low maintenance. 

Deck Staining

Deck staining is coating decking wood with oil or stain to avoid dull nature, wear and tear, and it improves protection against moisture. Our deck staining helps to maintain the natural looks of decking and it is a priority to keep deck long-lasting, beautiful and strong. Hire our experts for deck staining today. 

Pool Decking 

Pool decking means covering your pool area with a beautiful deck formation. It is not only a beautiful construction for your outdoor, it helps to maintain the sustainability of pool water as less grass, leaves and dirt will enter pool water. Keep your pool surroundings attractive and reduce your pool cleaning costs. 


Having a beautiful wooden structure outside your house that acts as a walkway and is supported with pillars. We can build pergola in various designs i.e. free standing or attached to house. Our professionals have expertise to install arched pergolas, louvered pergola, awning pergola and can build one what you want to have.  

Screened Porch

The best investment to expand your living space and improve your house attraction is construction of a screened porch. It is a hut/house-like structure built outside your house, has windows to enjoy outdoor view and hinder entrance of flies, insects and dirt. Different materials to choose from, we can build one for you.

For any type of James Island SC deck and fence installation or repair service, give us a call. Get a free quote for cost estimation.