Fence Installation Moncks Corner SC

Moncks Corner SC

Elite Fence company, started as a one-man show in 2010 and is now named as the biggest fence installation company in Moncks Corner SC. Since day one, we prioritize customer trust for every service someone avails. Our work devotion, punctuality, responsiveness, work quality and integrity-driven working is what set us apart from other fence installation companies. 

From many fence companies in Charleston SC, Elite Fence company is a dominant one and company has extended its workspace beyond Charleston. Now, we offer fence installation and fence repair services in Moncks Corner, Charleston, Summerville, North Charleston, Goose Creek, James Island Mt. Pleasant and beyond. 

For a free fence-related cost estimation (installation or repair), deck, pergola and screened porch building, get a free quote today.

Fence Company Moncks Corner SC

Why do our customers trust us as a local fence installer in town? Since 2010, we have been installing fences with variant dimensions and qualities with years of experience. Houseowners benefit with 10+ years of work excellence and experience we have and with extended amount of knowledge, skills and relationships with manufacturing units. 

Elite Fence always tends to choose a cut-above technique to deliver an amazing fencing experience and the best quality products to customers. Being a local fence installer in Moncks Corner area, we offer both commercial and residential fence installation and fence repair services. 

At our business core, we are simply Charleston locals who are trying to make a difference in living standards with fence and deck building facilities. 

Still not getting information you are looking for?  Call us today and we will fix your meeting with consultant. Whenever you are motivated, we are here to serve to upgrade your living standard with different deck and fence installation ideas. 

Deck Builder Moncks Corner SC

Utilize your outdoor house space with a luxury deck installation and renovation. For decades, deck building has been in demand because it is a sensible way of investment to improve your house attraction, living scape and curb appeal. 

Whenever you decide to build a deck for your Moncks Creek property, consider us a preferable option as we have experience and expertise to construct a fully functional deck from start to end. Our designers will cooperate to design a deck that matches your house, fulfill your needs and lasts for years. 

Moncks Corner SC

For a free cost estimation about deck building and renovation, feel free to approach us. We can arrange your meeting with our outdoor designers that will deliver comprehensive knowledge about new deck installation and outdoor renovation.

Why choose us as your deck builder Moncks Creek SC?

Choosing a reliable source for service work is difficult but when you find such a company, you will get high-quality work with dedicated customer support. Elite Fence Company has finished more than 700 deck installation projects in last five years. Our work ethics and reliable working process is the backbone for our success. 

Advantages and benefits you will get with our deck installation are listed below. 

Premium quality material

As Elite Fence company is devoted to deliver top quality services, we only use the best quality materials for deck, pergola and screened porch construction. Plus, homeowners get a warranty for materials that we use and projects that we construct. Many deck builders Charleston SC use low-quality material to lower operational costs. 

We don’t compromise on the quality of materials. During work, our expert builders are fully invested in work to avoid any mishap. Our company itself is warranty for what we build and what we offer. 

Before deadline project completion

For faster deck project completion, we can finalize the deck design and start construction the same day. Even though, if you don’t want to build deck with specification, design and style that we provide, you can show us the pictures of deck you need for your outdoor space. Our designers will have a 3D render for your design and once you approve it, we will start construction. 

We have material and deck building staff ready to shoot and once the work is started, our team will continue to work until project competition. 

Economical solutions

Why pay for deck design to independent designer when you could avail this facility with us? Yes! Whenever a house owner wants to build a deck for outdoor space, we first represent the 3D design at a minimal cost. When you finalize design, next step is the selection of material. For deck installation Moncks Creek SC, you have multiple material options to choose from. If you leave this to us, we choose the best quality material according to budget. 

No additional expenses for material transportation from our facility to your doorsteps. Everything is included in budget. Looking for reliable deck builders near me? Contact us right away.  

Multiple design and style choices

Deck, pergola and screened porch installation demands a high level of precision. With our deck installation facility, you will get everything you demand. We have multiple options for deck building materials and styles. We are offering wood decking, composite decking and Trex decking. With such versatility of design material, you can choose one considering your demand, trend and budget. 

When decking material is finalized, next step is selection of decking type. Having 3D render of multiple designs and detailed information about each design, house owner will get the customized designed deck, pergola and screened porch that will increase house value too. 

We also offer pool decking and deck staining for pre-built decks. 

Contact us today to start working on your deck building project. Hear out from experts for customized decking installation. Write to us to get a free cost estimation.

Fencing Moncks Corner SC

For over 6 years, Elite Fence has been ruling market because of its qualified and durable fence installation services. We offer fence installation services in Moncks Corner and its neighboring areas. If you are a homeowner and worry about your property protection or want to keep your business location protected and secured, we have a better solution for you. 

We can provide fencing installation and fence repair services both for residential and commercial locations. Utilizing modern techniques, and innovative tools we have gained confidence and customer trust. For any kind of fence installation service, you will find Elite Fence company at the top of the list. 

Our experienced and licensed team is passionate about delivering high-quality fencing solutions. For any type of fence installation and repair service, call us right away. We are here to maintain the privacy and security of your private property. 

Never let anyone enter your property with our installed fence.

For any kind of guidance about fencing installation and repair work, we are available 24/7. Contact us today for fencing Moncks Corner SC and we will start working on your project right away.

Fence Installation & Fence Repair Moncks Corner SC

With the variety of designs and styles available in market, Elite Fence company provides quality fence installation services and free cost estimations. 

Fence Installation Mocks Corner SC

Regarding new fence installation, we can help you with following options. 

Wood Fence 

A traditional and widely installed fence type comes with multiple benefits at a reasonable cost. It fulfills the core purpose of fence i.e. landmarking. For wood fence installation, Elite Fence has multiple design and style options. For wood fences, we use cedar, pine and redwood. Depending on choice, budget and ongoing project maintenance, our experts can install wood fences. 

Coming in multiple designs, we can install picket wood fence, horizontal rail fence, fancy lattice fence, wood privacy fence and a lot more. 

Vinyl Fence 

Vinyl fence has upgraded the choice of fencing due to its long-lasting ability. From simple to complex designed vinyl fence, we can serve you with everything. Unlike wood fence, vinyl fence has high resistive ability against hail, snow, wind, sunlight, pests, and its posts remain intact even after decades. 

With Elite Fence, you can get vinyl fence with multiple color options. To date, we have white, tan, brown, and black vinyl fences. If you need vinyl fence in a specific color, we can arrange one for you. Our installed vinyl fence requires low maintenance. To clean a vinyl fence, wash it with water and soap. 

Aluminum Fence 

Wrought iron fence has ruled market for centuries but due to its less corrosion-resistant abilities, people are shifting towards aluminum fence. A one-time investment project comes with multiple benefits that no other metal fences could offer. If you are looking for a fencing company near me, let us know. To install aluminum fence for commercial and residential purposes, get our free consultation. 

With proven results, life expectancy of our installed aluminum fence is up to a century. Aluminum will not rust or need any type of paint coating. Aluminum fence installation is a bit of an expensive fencing project but its aftermath shows that it is a highly durable, sturdy and low-maintenance fence type.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence has been in business for decades. Most people install it because of its low maintenance and high security reasons. Elite Fence company is specialized to install chain link fences for both commercial and residential properties. With us, you can get chain link fence with multiple options. We can get PVC coated, galvanized, color coated and slatted chain link fence. 

Suitable to your purpose, we can install chain link fence in Moncks Corner and its surrounding areas. For example, slatted chain link fence is preferable to use for commercial purposes as it is available in multiple heights i.e. 6 ft, 8 ft, 9ft etc. 

Color chain link fence is in fashion due to its high usability for residential purposes. For example, a green color chain link fence is readily installed for garden use due to its color-matching with plants. 

Regardless of any fencing services in Moncks Corner SC and beyond, Elite Fence company is the perfect match. Quality work done by professional installers speaks for our company’s reputation.

Fence Type

Wood Fence 

Vinyl Fence

Aluminum Fence

Chain Link Fence

Life Expectancy

20 Years

25-30 Years

60-90 Years

15 Years

Based on data collected by authentic sources. Max life expectancy with schedule maintenance.

Fence Repair Moncks Corner SC

As carelessness can cause material degrading, hence the fence. Due to uneven maintenance, a time reaches when fence can no longer serve the purpose. Are you looking for a fence repair company near me in Moncks Corner SC? Elite Fence LLC can help you. 

We offer both commercial and residential fence repair facilities. For different fence types, repair work demands working proficiency. As our fence installers are trained, licensed and professional, they can handle any type of fence repair work. 

We can help you with wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link and pool fence repair. 

Call us today for a free fence repair estimate. Meet us for a free consultation on how to improve your Moncks Corner property’s privacy and safety with a limited budget.

We aim to build fence that is sturdy, durable and beautiful. To keep your business place protected and to never let your children and pets go outside your house, our specialized fence installers can serve you. Even if your property doesn’t have valuable items, why take risk. Install a fence today with Elite Fence company. Let us perform fence repair work for you. 

For any type of deck and fence installation, you can choose the best-suited from hundreds of available options. Talk to our experts today to start working on your installation and repair project. 

Spare some time and have a look for what reasons Elite Fence company is a better idea to start your outdoor renovation project. Our work devotion, satisfactory results and clients’ appreciation are what make us identical. 

See the bigger picture with us, lay down and let our installers perform work passionately and perfectly. Plus, we don’t demand any upfront or during-process money. Once your deck building or fence installation project is completed, we will take our money. 

For any kind of Mt. Pleasant SC deck and fence installation or repair service, give us a call. Get a free quote for cost estimation.