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Elite Fence is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of fencing services in Summerville. Are you looking for fencing and decking services in Summerville from experts? Your search has come to an end.

Reasonable fencing services in Summerville by fence experts to improve your landscape security and curb appeal. We have been offering fencing Summerville SC for over 10 years. Either you are looking for fence installation and repair or  deck installation and renovation, Elite Fence is the expert choice. 

We can serve you with the best fencing solutions you need for your place. If you are looking for fence company near me that can offer fencing solutions for reasonable price, we can help you to build the best fence around your commercial or residential property. 

Fence company Summerville SC

Searching for a fence company that could offer services you want at low-price is difficult in such competitive environment. However, Elite Fence company is the best fence option you have. We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality services and quality workmanship they deserve. 

Commercial vs Residential Fence Summerville SC

Elite Fence company offers fence installation and repair services in Summerville for over a decade. Due to expansion of work and demand of work, we never underestimate the quality of our work. As everyone knows that commercial project lasts for more days and it can give max profit, for Elite Fence company every project is of same importance. 

For commercial and residential fence projects, you will find our team equally devoted and quality of work will be outstanding. For us, no work is of less importance.

Summerville SC

Fence Repair Summerville SC

If you are looking for fence repair services in Summerville, we can help you. Our experts will take care of your fence replacement and repair needs. Fence repair work requires expertise to identify the core reasons behind deterioration. Whenever you hire Elite Fence Company for fence repair Summerville SC, we make sure that work is done professionally and with minimal expenses. 

For our fence repair Summerville SC services, you can look forward to following options.

Fence Replacement

If you installed fence decades ago and didn’t take care of fence i.e. maintenance, you might need to replace existing fence with a new one. For fence replacement, we offer you following options. 

  • Partial fence replacement 
  • Full fence replacement

In partial fence replacement, our expert installers analyze your fence and identify the weak points. Sometimes, a part of fence is damaged due to adverse climate conditions. In such a case, we will replace the existing fence with a new one. A partial fence replacement may look different as the existing fence has changed its physical conditions i.e. color, shine, smoothness etc. 

In case of full fence replacement, it is mandatory to analyze the full length of fence. If a customer chooses a full fence replacement Summerville SC, we offer different fence options. These options are based on customer’s choice and budget. If a customer demands to change the entire length of the fence i.e. different fence type, our team estimates the length of fence to be installed. After this, we offer you a reasonable quote that is market-competitive. 

Fence Straightening

Due to tough climate changes and human errors, a fence can be deformed. This happens mostly in case of chain link fence and barbed wire fence. For fence straightening, our team is equipped with necessary tools to complete work efficiently and in minimum time.  

Fence Repair 

Fence repair refers to the replacement of a fractured part of fence. Due to uneven landscape and climate changes, fence can be damaged and if such part is taken into consideration sooner, it can be repaired. For fence repair Summerville SC, our team of professionals is always ready to complete your property safety by repairing the damaged part of fence. 

Commercial and Residential Fence Repair 

Elite Fence is a fence company Summerville SC and in operation since 2010. Due to fence-related work demand, we offer both commercial and residential fence repair and fence installation services. As our team is expert in fencing, the damaged part of a fence can be easily identified. 

For commercial fence repair, our team visits your place and estimates the damaged part. In most cases, the entire length of fence is to be exchanged. However, if small portion of fence is damaged, we can repair it. 

For residential fence repair, our fencing company Charleston SC can complete work in a day or two. No need to shut down your work because of fence repair. Just show us location and our team will carry on work.

Fencing Company Near Me

At Elite Fence, we are one of the premier fence companies in Charleston SC. Our expertise involves fence installation, fence replacement, fence repair, deck, pergola and screened porch installation. Our fence installation and repair services are famous in Charleston SC, North Charleston SC, Summerville SC, Mt. Pleasant SC, Goose Creek SC, Moncks Corner SC, and James Island SC. 

Regardless of fencing work you have, our team is an expert and can handle any kind of outdoor renovation work. Our area of expertise is commercial and residential installation along with custom fence and deck installation. Our facility is directly linked with manufacturing units. For installation, we offer different options for a single installation project. If you are still not satisfied with our available options, we can design a fence for you.

We offer custom fence installation services in Summerville SC. For customer fence installation, bring a picture to us. Our expert will estimate time to create a custom fence and deck. Mostly, a custom project is designed in 5-6 days and the rest of work is installation-based. 

For fence, our area of expertise is wood, chain link, vinyl and aluminum fence. An endless variety to choose from is offered to both commercial and residential customers. For a fence company Summerville SC, we are always available. Call us today for further guidance and installation. Get a free cost estimation right away.

Deck Builder Summerville SC

Since 2012, Elite Fence has been offering both fence and deck installation services in Summerville SC and surrounding areas. A deck is the art of work that not only improves your outdoor beauty but increases its value. For a deck building service, numerous options are available. However, to avail the expert deck building services Summerville SC, you can rely on us. 

As our company is expert in building decks with different features, designs and styles, we have expertise that customers look for in a deck building company. You need to entrust us with deck building for your outdoor place. To gain better understanding of deck building Summerville SC, you can rely on us as our built decks are functional, aesthetic and durable. 

Deck Building Summerville SC

Are you looking for a deck building company that offers multiple installation options? If so, you have come to the right place. Our company offers a vast variety of deck installation in Summerville SC and its surroundings. 

Deck installation services we offer

Since day one, our motto is to deliver satisfactory services at any cost. To claim client trust, we use top-quality materials, best tools and complete work before deadlines.

We offer following deck installation and repair services in Summerville SC. Contact us today for free cost estimation. 

Wood Decking

Wood decking is the conventional decking format that lasts for at least 2 decades. For your patio, we can install wood deck around your house to improve outdoor looks. Deck is a dual purpose formation; it provides more space to your outdoor and improves your property value. 

Deck Staining

Deck staining is about improving deck condition by painting deck with paint. As pigment is added in staining, deck can get some kind of shade and texture. Deck staining has water-resistant qualities which makes it the best practice to use considering alternative weather conditions. 

Composite Decking

Composite deck resembles wood decking but the key difference is the material used for decking. Composite decking is a mixture of plastic and wood fibers and it adds value to structure that lasts for a longer period. Composite decking can withstand multiple climate changes. 

Pool Decking

Building a deck around pool is not just a fashion but a need of time. Pool decking refers to covering the pool boundary with material that is non-slippery, stylish and captivating. Pool decking is important as now you don’t have to run between pool and house barefoot. 

Screened Porches

Screen porch resembles sunroom but it is completely isolated and has windows. Having a screened porch at your place can serve as an addition to your property and you can enjoy weather with beloved ones while not disturbed by flies, mosquitos and pets. Screens are glass or windows. 

Pergola Formation

Pergola is the part of your outdoor landscape that acts as a walkway and sitting area. Made with wood and designed according to landscape requirements, a pergola extends living space. A better place to spend time with enough light that makes it a warm place to enjoy afternoon. 

For deck builder Charleston SC, approach us today. We can serve you with deck installation that will be a valuable addition to your place. For deck building, our company can build an ideal deck at your place.

Contact our experts for free guidance. Get a free and reasonable quote for your decking project today.

Fence Company Charleston SC

Elite Fence is a Charleston-based fencing company that offers fencing and decking services in Summerville SC. For valuable addition to your outdoor space, you can count on us. Our fence installation facility has access to multiple sources for fence materials and we also offer customized fencing services in Summerville SC. 

We offer following fencing installation and fence repair services in Summerville SC. 

Wood Fence

For wood fence Summerville SC, you can count on us. Wood fence installation considering your requirements as fence height, type and style, we can install picket wood fence, privacy wood fence, horizontal wood fence and many other types of wood fence. For wood fence repair, you can rely on us. 

Aluminum Fence 

Aluminum fence is the sturdiest form of fence and it can last for a century. No maintenance required and one-time investment are the best features of aluminum fence that no other type could offer. For aluminum fence installation, we offer variant types and styles. This fence isn’t even affected by moisture and pests. 

Vinyl Fence

As PVC has a life expectancy of 2-3 decades, a vinyl fence is the better alternative to wrought iron and wood fence. Vinyl fence is available in multiple design and color options. It is the cheapest and most usable form of fence for privacy. Cost-effective fencing approach is reliable for both commercial and residential use. 

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is the ordinary type of fence used for surrounding property and to keep people away. With more corrosion-resistant options, we can install chain link fence with paint coating that can last for up to a half-century. Available in multiple sizes, you can rely on us for installation and repair. 

Pool Fence 

A pool is a perfect place to enjoy swimming with family and friends. To keep pets and kids away from pool, pool fence is of high importance. Elite Fence offers multiple options for pool fence as wood pool fence, vinyl pool fence, safety pool fence etc. Automatic doors fence is the most famous pool fence type.

Privacy Fence 

Thought fence improves your property privacy, but certain types of fences can assure maximum privacy and security. Our privacy fences are famous in Summerville SC as they serve the purpose they are built for. For opaqueness, single or no-space fence types are recommended and vinyl fence is at the top of the list.

For fence installation Summerville and deck builder Summerville SC, you can count on us. Our installed fences and decks are the structures that blend with your house’s appearance. Pergola is a valuable addition to your house as it is the extended portion of your backyard. Our installed screened porches are sunlight protective as on a hot summer day, you will feel 10 degrees to 15 degrees drop inside a screened porch.

For any kind of Summerville SC deck and fence installation or repair service, give us a call. Get a free quote for cost estimation