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Family Owned

We are a family-owned and local fencing company Charleston SC and in operation for more than a decade. Being local, our focus is to serve with the best quality services. Ask for Elite Fence, you will get a positive response from others.

Trusted Fencing Services

For a fencing company near me, you aren’t getting any fraudulent service from us. We are focused to serve with our full potential. Choose the fence you like, fulfills your needs and serves your purpose. Get superior fencing that lasts for decades.

Best Quality Products

Elite Fence uses the best quality chain link fence, wood fence, vinyl fence and aluminum fence. Pick one that suits your purpose. For reliability, we offer maximum warranty for our fencing materials. Our passion! No compromise on quality.

Best, Durable and Secure Fence Installation and Fence Repair Solutions – Family-Owned & Local Fence Company Near Me

Are you looking for a fencing company Charleston SC near me? Elite Fence Company offers cost-effective commercial and residential fencing solutions. 

For deck builder Charleston SC, composite decking and wood decking, we are the exact match. We are a professional and local wood decking installation company.

Fence companies in Charleston SC

Fence Company Near Me

Fence company Charleston SC isn’t merely important for privacy and security perspectives, fencing improves your house’s curb appeal, value and acts as a shield against worse weather conditions. Fence adds beauty to your place while maximizing its protection. For fence companies in Charleston SC, Elite Fence facility is the premium choice considering budget, material quality, fence installation experience and work mobility. 

Residential Fencing

We offer the best grade fence installation facilities for your residential properties. Choose your preferred type and style and let professionals build fencing around your residential place.

Commercial Fencing

Maximize workplace security with our chain link fence services or whatever type you choose. Protect your commercial belongings plus improve their beauty with our installation services.

Purpose of Fencing

Don’t let anyone enter your property
  • Privacy Assurance
  • Pet safety
  • Avoid unwanted people to enter your place
  • Keep your neighborhood children away from your backyard
  • Keep stray animals away
  • Improve your property value 
  • Being as your fencing company Charleston SC, hire our commercial and residential fencing services.
Fence companies in Charleston SC
Fence companies in Charleston SC


Elite Fence Company was founded in 2010 and to date, we are offering fence installation and repair services to both commercial and residential owners. Our main service areas are Charleston SC, James Island SC, North Charleston SC, Goose Creek SC, Moncks Corner SC, Mt. Pleasant SC and Summerville SC. As one of the leading fence companies Charleston SC, our areas of expertise are metal, vinyl, chain link and wood fence repair and installation. 

Fence Company Near Me

Since 2015, Elite Fence LLC has taken over more than 30% of the fence market in Charleston SC. For a fencing company Charleston SC, people rely on us compared to those fence installation facilities working for decades and centuries. Our company has completed many private companies, schools, local properties, and house fence installation projects. With 100% client satisfaction, searching for a fencing company near me, Elite Fence LLC has become a priority and word of mouth. In recent years, we have developed and expanded our fencing operations outside the fencing industry. Now, we are one of the rising deck builders Charleston SC. We are hoping to continually grow our industry beyond fencing and deck installation. For a fencing company near me or the best fence company Charleston SC, Elite Fence LLC is the name to trust.

Fencing Company Near Me Service Areas

First, at the beginning of Elite Fence emergence, we offered fence installation services and fence repair services locally in Charleston SC. With the emergence of tech and expansion of our fencing business, now we offer services in various other cities. 

We offer chain link, aluminum, vinyl and wood fence installation and repair services in all above-mentioned areas.

Choose The Best From Fence Companies Charleston SC

There’s a fence installation company around every corner in Charleston SC but choosing the best one is like searching for a pearl. Elite Fence Company is one of the remarkable and trusted fence companies in Charleston SC. With more than 11 years of fence repair and installation experience, we are the most qualified fence company near me in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Fence Company Near Me – We are making a difference

  • Licensed team members
  • Professional hands for installation and repairing work
  • Utilization of high-quality fencing material 
  • Project completion before deadline 
  • Free quote for fence repair and installation

Fence Materials – Best Available In the Market

Elite Fence is a fence company Charleston SC with new fence installation and fence repair services. A key factor that affects the cost of installation is the type of fencing material chosen for fencing. As a fencing company near me, we have a variety of installation materials. 

Types of fencing Elite Fence offers

  • Wood Fence
  • Chain Link Fence 
  • Vinyl Fence
  • Aluminum Fence

How to choose the best-suited fencing material?

Before applying fencing to your place, do some research about your place. Understand its trends and location circumstances. We can guide you about which fencing type you should get going. 

For both commercial and residential fencing, fencing type varies depending on property location. For your commercial property, recommended fencing type should be more robust and sturdier as compared to the residential one. 

Fence type varies with the price factor. A chain link fence installation is costly as compared to vinyl fence installation. 

With residential property, fence purpose totally alternates compared with commercial land. For residential fencing, vinyl or wood fence is preferable compared with chain link. 

For commercial areas, as per trend and need, metal fencing is the best suited.

Fence companies in Charleston SC cannot offer such detailed information about material selection as Elite Fence does. 

Wood Fence 

Wood fencing not only fulfills the basic need for safety but it gives elegant and stunning looks, With custom size of 1 ft to 8 ft, draw border, in-garden or other residential fencing. 

Chain Link Fence

A more secure and customizable fencing option preferable for commercial locations. Protect your business and assets with a strong and sturdy fencing type. 

Vinyl Fence 

Low maintenance and tough fencing type that gives complete privacy when installed around property. Custom vinyl fence that matches house style for elegant looks. 

Aluminum Fence

A cost-effective, corrosion-resistant and durable fencing type that’s not only elegant but acts as a shield against worse weather conditions and theft attempts. 

Privacy Fence 

Safety and security that privacy fence provides, not another fence could. Made from pallets, pickets and posts, it’s a fixed fence that doesn’t shrink or warp. 

Pool Fence 

Keep your pool clean whenever in use or free with a pool fence. Depending on pool location and budget, we can install aluminum, wood or vinyl pool fence.

Fencing Company Charleston SC

Charleston Fence Installer, Advocate & Advisor For Reasonable Fencing Solutions

Our fence installation and repair perspectives are based on customer-oriented and quality materials, installation expertise, uniquely designed fence and fulfilling clients’ requirements. Our state-of-the-art work brings life and value to your property, improves looks and enhances privacy and security. For fencing company Charleston SC, get a free quote today. 

Upgraded Property Value

Fence installation and renewal play a vital role in your property value. A study report revealed that fence installation upgrades property privacy and security but increases the property value up to 5%. Your house’s curb appeal sanctions to attract more buyers whenever you want to sell. 

Apart from security purposes, fence installation remodels your house structure for optimal looks. When installed considering house outer structure, fence can enhance looks and improve excitement level for viewers. 

Local house buyers name the house price considering local market, trends and house appearance. Fence repair by fencing company Charleston SC favors house resale value and inspires buyers to make a reasonable offer.

Focused Installation

Elite Fence company is the name of trust and so our work reflects. As our fence installers pay attention to minor details as “small details can make a huge difference”. Detailed installation is a must for both looks and property safety. Our professional fence installers aim to complete the project before deadline but compromising on quality of work it’s in our dictionary. 

Choosing from fence companies Charleston SC, Elite Fence company is a licensed and professional fence installation company, has experienced team members and can complete any fence installation project, regardless of fencing type, with perfection. 

“Attention to minor details is what our experts are trained for.”

Robust Infrastructure

Fence is a part of the outdoor installation process. It requires a lot of expertise to complete a fence installation project with perfection. It is a physically challenging task and not all installation firms can do it with perfection. From fence companies in Charleston SC, Elite Fence is the only fence installation company that can complete 100-yard installation work within a day. 

Being an owner, you don’t have to do any work. Call us, tell us about your choice and we will do it for you. Our passionate fence installers will do hard work. Spare your time, save your energy and let professionals handle your commercials and residential fencing work. As one of the top fence companies Charleston SC, our team is motivated, devoted, professionals, licensed and friendly.

For the highest standard fence work, we are available 24/7. Contact us today, get a free quote and we will start working on your project right away. 

Fence installation is not a DIY project, it requires professionals to carry it out for you. Fence company Charleston SC fulfills your fence repair and installation needs. 

If you are looking to hire a local fence installer, hire us. Let it be professional!

Hiring A Local Fencing Company Charleston SC

Installing a fence isn’t like planting, it requires skills to first understand location, circumstances, requirements and budget and then its execution takes place. Elite Fence Installer is a professional fence company running since 2010.  

Choosing a fence installation company in Charleston SC can be tricky as being an owner, you may not have the instincts to pick the right Charleston fencing company. 

How to hire a local fence installer?

Looking for a fence installation company in Charleston SC is a time-consuming process. Educate yourself with these steps and further on, it’ll be easier for you to elect a fence installation company. 

Checking Companies Backgrounds

In Charleston, South Carolina, many individuals and firms are working to offer fence-related services. Researching for a fencing company is a must to get the best for a reasonable price. Mostly, companies in area are insured but not all are licensed. 

Picking a licensed fence installation company can secure work stability and quality. Elite Fence is an insured and licensed fence installation and repairing company. Looking for a fence company near me? The best is here. 

Search In Your Surroundings

Frequently, fence companies that have worked in your neighborhood may have left some source of contact. If you get it, contact company and ask for work. But if you don’t get any contact, ask about fencing company near me from neighbors. 

For fence companies Charleston SC, sparing information and talking to owners isn’t a big task. 

Multiple Estimates For Single Project 

Having contacts of multiple fence installers in hand gives you the opportunity to get multiple cost estimates. Having multiple estimates widens your approach about expenses. Picking the best one will be that whose work will be proficient for a reasonable price. 

With completing over more than 2000 fencing projects, our rates are reasonable and we offer free quote for any cost estimation. Elite Fence Company, a fence company Charleston SC, offers affordable price for fence installation and fence repair. 

What Factors Affect Costs?

Fence cost will be budget-friendly if other influencing factors are in a controlled manner. When a representative visits your place, he will overview your property. As the fence is an outdoor installation process, cost of the overall project will be estimated by factors like location, ground condition (plane or slope), fence installation place, weather conditions, working hours etc. 

As Elite Fence is one of the many fence companies in Charleston SC, our approach to consider influencing factors is limited. We favor clients and thus reduce the overall cost by including minimal fencing affecting factors. 

Arrange Visit To Location

When you finalize the pre-deal with company, there will be a short visit to your place to understand the circumstances. Company’s representative will detect place for fencing and look for influencing factors. Once the visit completes, you will get the final quote from the company man. 

When we visit location for fence installation, we perform preliminary research about place and note down how much material will be needed to complete project. On the spot, we confirm the project completion time and the owner gets the final quote. 

In case of commercial fencing, as there will be movement around, time for project completion may be more than residential fencing. Contact the fencing company near me and with fence repair, we will complete project within days but still depend on project length and influencing factors. 

Does Company Offer Warranty?

 The last but important step of selecting the best fencing company is the warranty of products that company offers. With the visit of a company representative, you will get a clear idea about how long material will sustain and act as a perfect hurdle without difficulties. 

Indeed! We offer warranty regarding our fence installation. Get in touch with us for a fence company near me

Average Lifespan Of Different Fences

Wood Fence 

In case of wood fence, it will last for years but it will get damaged due to worse weather conditions. The average lifespan of a wood fence is 15-18 years. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is the robust and strongest type of fence. Mostly used for security purposes, it lasts for over two decades. Less maintenance, privacy and strength and what makes chain link fence best for commercial use. 

Vinyl Fence

It is the toughest type of fence used for residential purposes. Ability to resist extreme weather conditions, life expectancy of a vinyl fence is 20-25 years. As we use high-quality vinyl fence, it can last up to 30 years with the upper age limit. 

Aluminum fence

Aluminum fence has the largest life span and expectancy. Due to its ability to resist corrosion, it demands less maintenance. Design structure of aluminum fence is robust and sturdy. As it does not rust, it will not corrode. As it does not warp, crack or rot, it will not have wear and tear. A half-century is considered as the life expectancy of an aluminum fence. 

Privacy Fence

As the name narrated, this type of fence is used to protect the outdoor location of a property. A privacy fence can vary from place to place. Why? Depending on the nature of material used to build privacy fence, it is classified as wood, metals, pallets etc. 

Lifespan of privacy fence vary with material and in most of the cases, the life expectancy resembles that of individual fence type i.e. wood fence, chain link fence, vinyl fence and aluminum fence. A fencing company near me can provide the best privacy fence considering your requirements. 

Pool Fence 

Like a privacy fence, a pool fence can vary with material of construction. As a study report revealed, 38% of people prefer metal pool fence, 40% prefer wood pool fence and the rest of the percentage rely on vinyl pool fence. 

As a nominated fence company Charleston SC, we can install fence around your pool for prevention from animals. Talking about the duration of each pool fence, it purely depends upon usage, location and cleanliness.

Materials Used For Fencing

Fencing is the best means to ensure your place’s safety, privacy and security. Many fence companies in Charleston SC offer a range of fence materials, types, designs and textures. For the best fence company near me, you can rely on us. 

Wood Fence

Wood is the most generalized and widely used fencing type across the globe. For centuries, wood fences have been in the business. 

Cedar is a renowned fencing material, famous for its reddish hue, strength, looks, long-lasting and ability not to shrink. A lot of fence companies Charleston SC provide cedar fence installation. For cedar fencing lifespan, we install a concrete base and secure fencing base. 

Pine fence installation can last for decades. Due to its resistance against weather conditions, when combined, it is a tough wood fence with no cons. For a pine fence company near me, our professionals utilize the best quality crafted and textured wood. 

To have the best wood installation, no other material can compete with the luster and softness of redwood. Paying huge money for a redwood fence, our fence company Charleston SC can help you. 

Areas we offer wood fence installation services

Many fence companies in Charleston SC are limited to provide wood fencing services in just Charleston. Elite Fence Company offers services in North Charleston SC, Summerville SC, James Island SC, Mt. Pleasant SC, Goose Creek SC and Moncks Corner SC. 

Chain Link Fence 

Chain link fence is a composite of metal coated with non-rusting materials. For residential fencing, its strength and robustness is multiple times more than that of wood and vinyl fence. Comes in multiple options, you can choose one depending on your need, purpose, budget and location. 

As a fencing company Charleston SC, we not only offer chain link fence services but also vinyl coating to prevent fence from corrosion. 

Areas we offer chain link fence installation and repair services

Many fence companies Charleston SC are limited to provide chain link fence services locally. Elite Fence Company offers services in James Island SC, Summerville SC, Mt. Pleasant SC, North Charleston SC, Moncks Corner SC and Goose Creek SC. 

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence is the new fencing type introduced a few years back. In its earlier stages, it gets yellowish and becomes brittle after a couple of years but with innovation, its quality has been improved. Looking for a vinyl fencing company near me that offers the best installation which lasts for an extended period? Elite Fence LLC can help you out. 

For many fence companies in Charleston SC, vinyl fence installation is a second priority over wood fence. With our installation facility, owner will get the best in town vinyl fence installation services. 

Areas we offer vinyl fence repair and installation services

For fence companies Charleston SC, installation facilities are limited to provide vinyl fence services just to local areas. Elite Fence Company offers commercial and residential fencing services in Goose Creek SC, Moncks Corner SC, Mt. Pleasant SC, Summerville SC, North Charleston SC, and James Island SC. 

Aluminum Fence

Metal fence installation is not limited to just wrought iron fence, now aluminum fencing has changed the fencing installation style, life expectancy, fence strength and toughness against weather conditions. Less wear and tear, no wrapping or scrolling and corrosion-resistant coating make the aluminum fence the toughest and long-lasting fence among others. 

With the approach of a fencing company near me, our professionals can custom design an aluminum fence regarding height, dimensions and style for tangled and impressive patterns. 

Areas we offer aluminum fence installation services

From fence companies in Charleston SC, Elite Fence Company is the one that offers commercial and residential fencing at multiple locations. We offer fence repair and installation in Mt. Pleasant SC, Goose Creek SC, North Charleston SC, Moncks Corner SC, James Island SC and Summerville SC.

Commercial VS Residential Fencing

Commercial Fencing

Main concern is security, safety and potential threats.

Strict regulation for fence installation.

Fence acts as a safety perimeter.

Chain link fence is preferred. 

Fence height ranges from 6ft to 12 ft.

Less maintenance fence type is chosen.

It has larger rails and pickets and is made from thicker material. 

Residential Fencing

Key focus is beautification, robustness and curb appeal.

Permission from homeowner association.

Fence mostly defines property premises.

Vinyl or wood fence is considered ideal. 

Max. height for general fencing is 5ft.

Low-maintenance fencing is preferable. 

For pool fencing, horizontal rails 45 in and picket space less than 4 in. 

These comparisons are on ideal conditions and preferences, choices, styles and types may vary from one owner to another. Generally, fence installation in South Carolina needs building permit from relevant authorities. We, a fence company Charleston SC, can build and custom design optimal fences for potential customers. 

Wood Fence Style

Post and Rail Fence

It is conventional fencing, used as a separation between properties and is a cheap fence installation project.

Vertical Board Fence 

It is a tall, vertical and overlapping fence to assure security and privacy. Don’t allow the passage of air. 

Wood Picket Fence

Got its name because of widely-spaced cuspidated upper pickets. It minimizes passage of intruders and climbers. 

Wood Lattice Fence

A combination of diagonal strips settled in crisscross form. Allows light and air to move through & supports growing plants. 

Louver Fence

Fence that supports better privacy for looking straight, has in-between spaces for airflow, tough and sturdy. 

Composite Wood Fence

Agglomeration of plastic and sawdust for an eco-friendlier fence stronger than traditional one. Its lifespan is up to 25 years. 

Vinyl Fence 

Sturdy but empty polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fence, reinforced with wood inside. UV stable, enduring and robust fence 

Metal (Ornamental) Fence

A traditional and strong fence that can last for 3 decades. It can be painted to prevent corrosion and erosion. 


Elite Fence is a fencing company Charleston SC, that offers all-type fence installation and fence repair services. Our area of services includes Charleston SC, Mt. Pleasant SC, North Charleston SC, Summerville SC, James Island SC, Goose Creek SC and Moncks Corner SC.

Deck Builder Charleston SC – Deck Builders Near Me

Our company is one of the trusted deck builders Charleston SC. Whether you want a classic wrap-around porch or adding more screens to it, you always need a professional deck builder. Our firm also offers deck builder Charleston SC services for mesmerizing looks and comfortable feelings. 

Talking about designing and deck building, we can be your work partner for perfect execution of your dreams. We are always-ready, passionate and time saver deck builders near me. 

Contact us to hire our deck installation and repairing services today. Get an instant quote for a quick estimation.


Talking about increasing the beauty of your residency and enjoying sitting with your family and friends in an outdoor environment, nothing is as amazing as a deck. With over a decade of experience, we are a deck builder Charleston SC that can help to override deck structural and safety problems. Our area of expertise is wood decking, composite decking, pool decking, deck straining and building pergolas. Leave everything to us and let us build or renovate your existing deck. 

Fence companies in Charleston SC

Areas We Serve

You can avail our deck installation and renovation services in Charleston SC, Summerville SC, Mt. Pleasant SC, Moncks Corner SC, Goose Creek SC, North Charleston SC and James island SC. 

Fix a meeting with our expert to get a free cost estimation. For deck builders near me, Elite Fence LLC is the premium choice for those who are looking for working excellence and proficiency.

Elite Fence LLC – A Deck Builder Charleston SC Company

As decking can be designed in numerous ways, it depends on your deck builder how well he educates you about stuff. For deck types like wood decking and composite decking, deck renovation like deck straining, deck location i.e. entrance, backyard, pool decking and pergolas installation, a local deck builder firm can help you in a better way. 

Improve Your House Value With Deck Builders Charleston SC

Understanding the owner’s needs results in designing a durable, functional and captivating deck that’s long-lasting, low-maintenance and provides aesthetic looks. With one of the best deck builders near me, owner can enjoy nature with individuals he/she loves. For a Charleston SC house owner, hiring a deck builder is never a difficult task anymore. Ranked as one of the best deck builders Charleston SC, Elite Fence LLC has built thousands of decks since 2015. 

Set of exceptional expertise that you may not find in other deck builders able us to rule over the market as deck builder and maintenance facility. 

Customer Support

With 5-star rating and 100% client satisfaction, we can carry on any deck project with confidence. Our cost estimates will be closer to actual and we will receive payment once work is completed. 

Multiple Design Options

As an owner, you will have freedom to choose from various railing styles, colors, step designs and layouts. Before construction, we can show you 3D design to confirm your choice. 

Get in touch with us for deck builders near me right away. For an accurate estimate, get a quote from deck builder Charleston SC. 

Areas We Serve – Deck Builder Charleston SC

  • Charleston SC
  • Mt. Pleasant SC
  • James Island SC
  • Summerville SC
  • Goose Creek SC
  • Moncks Corner SC
  • North Charleston SC

Decking Material

For deck installation or redesigning, choosing decking type can be a critical task. Being one of the top-rated deck builders Charleston SC, we offer decking with following materials. 

Pressure-Treated Wood Decking

Basic tan of pressure-treated woods can be enhanced with stain. Coated with insecticide and anti-rot agents, wood decking is cost-effective. 

Composite Decking 

A mixture of recycled plastic and wood fiber forms composite decking and it’s a low-cost, low-maintenance and good-looking material. 

Trex Decking 

Trex decking is a sub-category of composite, formed by polymer and wood fiber. It keeps the decking surface smooth for no disturbance.

Cool (Kool) Deck

Kool Deck is a surface coated over concrete walkways and pool decking. Texture and hue stay strong for a longer time and support base. 

Regardless of the nature of decking material, deck staining is a must as stains or scratches may appear on deck that will deteriorate its looks. Call us today for decking repairing and installation services.

Pool Decking – Area Surrounding Pool

Area to place your chair and table around pool needs to be non-slippery, inviting and well-constructed. Pool decking is generally spread over for up to several meters from pool and it is the perfect place to have fun around pool. 

Pool decking is not just wood decking but composite decking due to survival skills of wood and plastic compositely. 

From list of deck builders Charleston SC, Elite Fence company is professional and skilled in installing wood decking and composite decking for both patio and pools. 

For the best deck builders near me, let us help you. We can put the final touch to your place. For reasonable pool decking, wood decking and composite decking, give us a call today.

Pergolas – An Outdoor Roofing

Pergolas act as the roofing built outside the house, supported on vertical pillars. Ranging from wood to composite materials, pergolas can be structured with anything. 

Pergolas can be sitting areas, passageways, walkways etc. An expert deck builder Charleston SC can construct pergolas with variable dimensions, sizes, styles and types. 

Wood decking and pergolas formation are two different things, but hiring the best deck builders Charleston SC can complete work with perfection. 

Composite decking, wood decking, deck staining, pool decking and pergolas formation, Elite Fence LLC is one of the top-rated deck builders near me. 

Professional deck builders are a call away. Call now and get the best deck staining and pergolas formation from experts right away.

Deck Staining

Want to protect your deck from water damage, fading and natural wear? Deck staining is the solution. It is a foremost process to avoid decking from getting deteriorated. Deck staining is actually periodic or scheduled refinishing to keep your deck good and functional for years. 

Advantages of deck staining

  • Avoid crack formation
  • Prevention from heat damage
  • Repel moisture to reduce soaking

Avail services from most trusted deck builders Charleston SC. For wood decking, composite decking, pergolas construction and deck staining, call the right people. Free cost estimation and assistance for questions is made over quote, call and meeting. 

Periodic deck staining is cost-effective as no maintenance at all can make you repair existing or install a new deck.

On average fence posts should be 6ft-8ft apart. Number of pickets should also be aligned at a distance of 4 in max. 

For wood fence, the height of posts should not be greater than 4 ft. 

For privacy fence, pickets are arranged side by side and there is no space in between pickets and posts.

A fence company Charleston SC can design an optimal fence for your property. 

Mostly, fence that gets rotted is the metal fence due to its less resistive nature against climate changes. For wood fence, the decomposition period is slow and vinyl fence has minimal degradation rates. 

To avoid a fence from rotting or degradation, it is necessary to coat a fence with paint. A report revealed that a fence that is coated has doubled lifespan as compared to an uncoated one. However, if you have a metal fence, an aluminum fence can stay there for almost 3 decades without deterioration. 

A fence company near me can do this work. Elite Fence LLC has all-important tools and accessories not to just install fences but to refurbish them. 

Both gravel and concrete are used at fence post’s end. However, gravel is preferable to use at those places where the soil is dense. In case of loose soil or land which has water reserves near, concrete is used to set fence posts. 

Many fence companies Charleston SC offer both concrete and gravel for post setting. However, an expert company can guide you in a better way. 

For example, in case of pool fence, many fence installation companies use both gravel and concrete but the best material to use for post settling is concrete.

With a life expectancy of over a century, wrought iron fence is the strongest one among its class. 

For the best one from the fence companies in Charleston SC, Elite Fence LLC provides facilities to install any type of fence considering budget, location, and regulations. We have expert fence installers, capable of installing custom-designed fences.

Wrought iron fence can last for lifetime or in other words “a century”.

Aluminum fence has a life expectancy of over 50 years. 

As vinyl fence doesn’t deteriorate due to climate changes, it can last for 30 years. 

Chain link fence is coated, requires no maintenance and can secure your perimeters for up to 20 years. 

Wood fence is widely used by local property owners and its lifespan is 15-18 years.

Wrought iron fence with 6’ length, can be used for 48” high fence. 

Wrought iron fence with 8’ length, can be used for 54” high fence.

Wrought iron fence with 9’ length, can be used for 72” high fence.

For aluminum fence, horizontal rails can be punched at 4.5 inches. You can get an aluminum fence with 5 ft, 6 ft and 7 ft in length that can have a height of 3 ft to 6 ft. 

Vinyl fence comes with 6ft or 8ft length.

Height of a common chain link fence can vary from 3 ft to 12 ft with mesh gauges 9, 11, 11.5. Distance between posts can vary from 6 ft to 10 ft. 

Maximum length between two wooden posts should not be more than 8 ft (96 inches). 

With such in-depth and large numbers to remember, you may not install a fence as a DIY project. However, many fence companies in Charleston SC are offering splendid fence installation services.

A rough estimate of fence installation cost is as follows
Fence TypePer Foot Linear Installation CostProject Budget
Wood or Privacy Fence$10-$22Moderate
Chain Link Fence$5-$40Cheap to expensive
Vinyl Fence$20-$30Expensive
Aluminum Fence$20-$35Expensive
Trex and Composite Fence$15-$50Expensive
Wrought Iron Fence$18-$35Expansive
With this cost estimation, any property owner can choose the fencing type best suited to its budget and location. Many fence companies Charleston SC don’t offer free cost estimation for a project but Elite Fence LLC does.

You should build a deck considering following reasons;

A deck provides more functional opportunities as many products are available in the market that can be placed here like fire pit etc. Make your outside versatile with comfortable sittings as indoor. 

Deck gives you the most beautiful outdoor enjoyment moments. A comfortable way to enjoy nature with family and friends is having a deck at your house. For example, composite decking is highly recommended for places where less renovation is required as it is robust and requires less deck staining. “A wood under your foot, nature around you and sky about is the best ever feeling that is only possible with deck installation”. Deck builders near me can design the best decking for your property. 

Deck adds value to your home. Whenever you want to sell your house, you can get a 100% return in value and building a deck improves the house’s curb appeal. Deck building is a better return on investment policy. 

Deck increases your living space. How? Many people choose deck for planting while others set up the dining here. Your very own outdoor living space is possible with deck creation. Deck Builders Charleston SC offers remarkable deck building services in town.

Imagine just concrete and grass around your home and then think of having deck outside your house. Deck will give new look to your house and your living expansion with wood and composite materials will be aesthetic. 

Considering these factors along with thousands of others, deck building is always a profitable deal for you. 

Considering the location, size, dimension and time duration, pool deck building cost is volatile. However, a deck builder Charleston SC can give you the perfect estimate regarding pool deck. 

In general, pool decking cost varies from $3,000 to $12,000. A well-designed pool deck can be built within 2 weeks for $5,000.

Looking for deck builders near me? Elite Fence LLC is a locally owned fence installation and deck building company. Want to have a deck? Let it be done professionally.

Depending on the nature of material deck builders Charleston SC costs $25 per square foot. This cost is approximately the same for wood, composite and Trex.

New deck installation cost depends on deck type, nature, length and functionality. 

Minimum deck building cost = $1,200

Maximum deck building cost = $14,000

To build a 12*12 ft deck, cost ranges from $6,280 to $9,000. As the deck size increases, money goes up too.

With local deck builders near me, you can have the best estimate for deck installation. Multiple estimates for different facilities can open up the best deck installation charges.

For any kind of fence installation and repair service, give us a call. Get a free quote for cost estimation.