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Are you looking for an affordable fencing solution for your home?

From modern vinyl fencing, aluminum or classic wooden fences, Elite Fence has it all!  We have the latest tools and equipment to ensure high standards and pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and timely service.  We also offer custom deck builder services.


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    Privacy and Security Matter

    Elite Fence Company Charleston SC understands that today’s world requires barriers, and fencing around your property’s perimeter is a great feature that adds an element of beautification as well as utility.

    Privacy fences are useful for many reasons. Your lawn’s aesthetic can sit well together with your fence, bringing a sense of order and consistency to an otherwise irregular space. Privacy fencing also serves as a barrier for blocking noise while also creating a visual barrier.

    Fence companies in Charleston SC

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    When to source fence or deck repair service:

    Are you looking for fence and deck repair in Charleston, SC? Elite Fence strives to provide above expectations on fencing and custom deck builder services. We’ve got the skills and resources to meet your fencing project’s needs. 

    Fence & Deck Services

    Fence companies in Charleston SC

    Wood Fence

    Wood fences raise the appeal by being in sync with your property while giving off a refined, naturalistic look.

    Fence companies in Charleston SC

    Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fences are one of the options that are budget-friendly and require the least amount of repairs and maintenance.

    Vinyl Fence

    Vinyl Fence

    A vinyl fence is another option that great durability leading to fewer repairs and maintenance cost. It also has a wooden feel.

    Fence companies in Charleston SC

    Privacy Fence

    Privacy fencing options are vast to choose from, find the one that fits well with your preference, budget and HOA regulations.

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    Aluminum Fence

    Aluminum fencing brings durability that is unmatched. See through makes for a great option on a back fence run.

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    Pool Fence

    Pool fencing becomes a must for safety reasons when you’ve got kids and a pool. Pool fences can be made of various material from glass, mesh, aluminum or wood.

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    As custom deck builders in Charleston, SC, we'll help build a deck that becomes a spot for relaxation and outdoor diners.

    Fencing Charleston SC

    With a variety of styles, Elite Fence Company Charleston can offer you the latest in fence material selection and designs for your fencing project.  A new wood fence or durable aluminum fence can add an element of style and beauty that adds value to your Charleston home and community. 

    If you are looking for fence companies in Charleston, SC, look no further than Elite.  We’ll bring you innovative fencing solutions while offer unparalleled craftsmanship and quality that is synonymous with the Charleston fencing standard.

    Fence Repair Charleston SC

    Fence Installation Charleston

    New fencing in Charleston, SC can lighten your financial burden of having to repair your fence every storm season. Timely maintenance rounds can extend your fence’s life expectancy.  A new fence will be securely installed and built to weather the potential hazards that come with bad weather.  Consider Elite for your next fence installation in Charleston SC.

    With delays, these minor repairs become a must for a fence replacement. When the situation worsens, saving a little money now will be of no use. 

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    By replacing or maintaining your fence regularly, you can add years to the life of your new fence installation that was a big financial decision.  Fence maintenance includes pressure washing, staining and ensuring the planks are still secure and nailed to the rails. 

    A lot of time and effort were invested into making your home unique. Don’t let weather problems bring down your fence and the beautiful curb appeal of your home.  Call Elite Fence Company Charleston to review your options for a low cost fence repair or discuss the numerous fence materials and styles available when you consider a new fence installation in Charleston and surrounding areas.

    Fencing in Charleston SC

    Designing the perfect yard with fence companies in Charleston, SC can bring you a lot of joy because you’ll be able to tap your creative spirit choosing from the various fencing materials.  Your garden suddenly seems more vibrant and secure from nuisance animals.  

    As deck builders in Charleston SC, we can supplement that wood fence with a beautiful wood deck.  Our wood working skills have been honed through generational observance and it makes us one of the most sought after custom deck builders in Charleston.  Complement your new fence by considering a new deck.

    Elite Fence Company Charleston SC

    From wood to a chain-link fence, fencing companies in Charleston, SC assist you in finding the best material for your fence project.  

    We’ve got a fencing option no matter your budget or style preference. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to satisfy your tastes, while keeping a close eye on the budget.  Call today for a FREE quote!

    Privacy Fence Installation

    We believe we are one of the best fence companies in Charleston, SC and would love nothing more than to help you with a wooden privacy fence that will not only beautify your home, but add a layer of privacy and security to your property.  Horizontal fencing or vertical boards, we can do it all at Elite Fence Company Charleston SC.  As a family owned business, we care about your fence project like it was our own.  We realize that reputation goes a long way and we strive to give you a level of service and experience that will make you want to recommend us to friends, family and neighbors when they are in need of fencing. 


    I have a lovely backyard now thanks to Elite Fence Company Charleston. By far, the best deck builders in Charleston, SC. They did a professional job, even when it was a little more complex and difficult to explain.
    - Stefan Peck
    I called for a simple repair of my back run on my wooden privacy fence. Had such a great experience, ended up calling them back to install a much needed deck that we've been wanting for years. Call them, you won't be disappointed.
    - Jill Franklin
    Left the job site clean and completely free of debris and finished the job 2 days before the deadline they gave us. Very communicative and responsive to all my request and concerns. Wonderful working with them.
    - Shirley Gamble

    Deck construction can cost anywhere between $5k and $12k in Charleston, SC. An average deck will cost about $30-$60 per square foot. The cost mentioned before includes material and labor expenses. In other words, you can expect to pay somewhere around $6k for a standard 14 by 20 foot deck.

    It costs approximately $15.00 to $35.00 per square foot to build a deck around a swimming pool in Charleston, South Carolina, depending on whatever material you may choose. All fall under the mentioned expense cap.

    Wood is generally the least expensive fencing material, whereas the most expensive one is wrought iron. Fences are usually made from wood, which costs around $6 to $11 per foot. Durable steel fences typically cost $6 to $17 per foot. For security fencing, vinyl is an option, but it is not advisable. The price per foot is about $25. Prices for aluminum fences, which are considered the most affordable, can range from $20 to $35 per foot. In terms of fencing styles, wrought iron is the safest and most expensive. Heavily reinforced, it costs $25-$100 per foot. And the price can fluctuate with a change in height.

    In the front yard, fences are commonly between three and four feet high, while in the backyard, fences are usually six to eight feet high.

    On average any fence should last about 20 years and this figure can go up when you keep up with the regular maintenance rounds.

    Wrought iron fencing is the most durable choice, but with proper upkeep, other materials can also last for the same number of years as unmaintained wrought iron fencing.

    Both options bring their advantages, among them concrete is more secure but traps moisture and gravel is less secure but doesn’t trap moisture. So, no rotting issues.

    Having timely maintenance and applying preservatives to your fence significantly keeps your fence from rotting.

    In most cases, fence posts should be 6 to 8 feet apart. But this can vary from which fence material you want.

    Fence Company Charleston SC