The Benefits Of Commercial Fencing

Elite Fence Company in Charleston, SC is a local provider of various types of commercial fencing, and we provide free consultations and estimates for all projects.  Investing in commercial fencing can offer numerous advantages that go beyond the expected security, safety and protection of property. Below are some reasons why investing in commercial fencing is a valuable decision for any business or organization. 

Not only does commercial fencing provide a secure perimeter, but it also offers your business or organization improved privacy. Fences can effectively block out sound and visibility from the premises when necessary, so that you have full control over who has access to your property. With this added layer of security comes peace of mind knowing that no one will be able to intrude upon your businesses private space without permission. Installing commercial fencing is a great way to boost the value of any property. Not only will it look attractive with routine maintenance, but also buyers and tenants alike would be impressed by your commitment to security measures taken on already valuable land or buildings. It is an excellent investment that pays off over time in more ways than one.

Commercial fencing is essential for any company or organization in Charleston in order to properly manage their property. From security and privacy measures, to enhancing the look of your business’s outdoor area, commercial fencing offers an array of advantages that can’t be overlooked. Below we will breakdown all types of commercial fencing options so you can decide which style best fits your needs!

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When To Use Commercial Fencing

Different Types of Commercial Fencing

Enhancing the security and attractiveness of your premises, commercial fencing is the ideal solution to keep unwanted visitors away from your Charleston business or property. When selecting a fence style or material, it’s important to factor in its location on site, any landscaping or terrain present, as well as what fits aesthetically for you. With proper consideration and design implementation that adheres to all these factors in mind – you’ll have a secure fencing system with an unbeatable curb appeal!

When selecting a fencing type for your business, it is vital to decide wisely. Consider some of the options available such as commercial grade steel chain link, galvanized chain link, barbed wire, aluminum, wood and vinyl – each offering their own advantages depending on your needs.  Contact us to discuss all the available options on the market today.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Investing in a commercial chain link fence will give you the best of both worlds. Not only does it provide an effective and relatively affordable way to protect your property, but its robust construction makes for a lasting security solution that requires minimal upkeep over time.

Constructing your fence with galvanized steel is the most popular choice as it exhibits phenomenal rust-resistance. However, commercial chain link fences are available in a spectrum of colors such as black, green, white and brown to give you more design freedom! Furthermore, if you’re looking for extra protection against oxidation then opting for polymer or PVC coated chains may be suitable. Invest in a protective coating which looks stunning while also preserving its durability!

Galvanized fences are the most popular option for commercial chain link fencing in Charleston. Not only are they a lot more resilient than other types, but they offer added protection near saltwater due to their rust-resistant abilities. An alternative is aluminized steel which costs less and may be sufficient in some cases, though it should be noted that this material isn’t as resistant to corrosion.

To ensure that your property is guarded against potential intruders, why not think about erecting commercial chain link fence with barbed wire? You can attach the barbed wire to either the top or bottom of the fencing and create yet another deterrent for unwanted visitors.

For an enticing and secluded look, consider weaving slats into your fence. This can help the structure seamlessly integrate with its environment. Chain link fences are also a great option for enclosing large areas without breaking the bank; moreover, they’re simple to customize using basic metal cutting tools!

Commercial Wood Fencing

Investing in a commercial wood fence in Charleston is an ideal way to shield your business, conceal unwanted items, and incorporate a timeless look to the surrounding area. There are numerous styles and materials you can choose from so it’s important to select one that will last for years to come. Redwood, pine, and cedar are some of the most popular options available but selecting something more resilient may help you save money down the line.

Redwood is widely accepted as the superior selection, due to its rot-resistance. Unfortunately, it also comes with a hefty price tag. For those looking for something more affordable and just as durable, pressure-treated wood is an ideal option. Pressure-treated wood already contains agents to ward off rotting and can be stained or painted for added visual appeal — giving you that same rich look of Redwood at half the cost!

Pine is a popular wood for fencing, and its softness makes it an ideal choice. Its lighter color also helps it take to stains more easily than many other types of wood, making customization easy. Plus, pine is incredibly simple to install compared to other materials!

Cypress is an exceptional wood choice, although it costs a bit more. Its rot-resistant properties make it the ideal option for outdoor fencing as its remarkable strength and decay resistance creates a sturdy defensive shield against intruders.

Selecting the suitable wood for your commercial property can make all the distinction in its durability. Whether you are constructing a fresh facility or searching to exchange an existing one, it’s essential that you comprehend what is required. The correct kind of timber will assure maximum structural solidarity and robustness for years to come!

Commercial Aluminum Fencing

With commercial aluminum fences, you can ensure the security of your property without having to sacrifice privacy or style. Not only are these rust and corrosion resistant, but they require almost no maintenance – leaving more time for other things! Furthermore, each aluminum fence is highly customizable based on your specific design desires. With a commercial aluminum fence surrounding it all, there’s nothing left out of reach!

Aluminum is a great option for your Charleston property due to its light weight, making it simpler and faster to install. Furthermore, aluminum requires minimal effort when cleaning, while being extremely resistant against weather elements. Therefore, aluminum is the ideal material choice!

For half a century, Specrail has been crafting superior aluminum fences that come with lifetime warranties. This top-notch manufacturer offers an impressive array of designs and colors to perfectly suit your needs!

For commercial applications, Jerith presents the ultimate solution – industrial grade aluminum fences. These strong barriers are perfect for guaranteeing safety at schools, warehouses and even swimming pools. With state-of-the art coatings and a swift installation process, these sturdy structures will provide you with unparalleled security without compromising on aesthetics.

Aluminum fences offer a range of diverse designs and colors to perfectly match your property. Whether you prefer the traditional flat style or something more contemporary with curves, there is an aluminum fence option for every landscape.

Aluminum is a strong and stylish choice. It has the subtlety of steel but with better strength, making it perfect for commercial properties that need to remain budget-friendly. On top of its durability, aluminum also stands out as an affordable option that won’t break the bank!

With its curvaceous structure and striking presence, the Amethyst model from ActiveYards is a sight to behold. This beautiful fencing system utilizes patented technology for maximum style and durability.

Manufactured with 6105-T5 alloy and protected by a rust-free powder coat finish, these durable aluminum fences are designed to stand the test of time. In fact, they’re just as sturdy as traditional wrought iron fencing!

Commercial Vinyl Fences

Commercial Vinyl fencing in Charleston is your optimal solution for increasing the security of your property. With its unparalleled durability and plethora of installation options, you can confidently use vinyl to secure a pool or create a protective barrier at any playground. Make sure you always keep your family safe with Commercial Vinyl fencing!

Vinyl fencing offers an extensive range of styles, colors and configurations to suit any home. Whether you’re looking for a fence that stands lifted from the ground or one with solid sections – vinyl is your answer! Vinyl fences are impervious to moisture, bugs and other damaging elements; plus they won’t rot, discolor or crack like wood or steel alternatives would. Plus – in case of fire incidents: They self-extinguish upon contact!

Not only do vinyl fences act as noise barriers, but they are fire-resistant and easy to replace if damaged by strong winds or other objects during storms. For those who want a secure fence made from top quality materials, UltraGuard, Digger Specialties, and VEKA are some of the leading companies that specialize in commercial vinyl fencing. With these reliable builders at your service you can be sure that what’s around your property will last for years!

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