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Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is a two-in-one source of property safety and beautification. After wrought iron, aluminum fence is the most widely used fencing type due to its resistive nature again climate changes, pests damages and corrosion. For house’s curb appeal and tough security spontaneously, an aluminum fence is the best choice. 

Aluminum fence is durable, robust and comes in various designs. You can even design a custom aluminum fence according to your specifications and needs. Aluminum fence is warranted for a lifetime and has low to no maintenance costs. Elite Fence Company has standard heights for aluminum fence i.e. 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft and 7 ft.  If standard measurement doesn’t meet your requirements, we can even design an aluminum fence with custom dimensions. 

With a life expectancy of over 50 years and available in multiple designs, aluminum fence is a perfect choice.

Aluminum Fence

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Aluminum Fence Installation Services In Charleston, South Carolina

If you are researching fence installation for your property, include Aluminum fence in list. Elite Fence is a local fence installation company in operation since 2010. Either it’s a commercial property or residential land, aluminum fence will serve as the best one due to its reliability, durability, looks and privacy perks. No other fencing material including wood, bamboo and PVC can compete with aluminum fencing. 

Benefits of aluminum fencing

Aluminum is a better alternative to wood and wrought iron. Though iron fence lasts for decades, aluminum fence has its own benefits and characteristics. Advantages that an aluminum fence offers are far better than wood fencing. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Aesthetic Looks

Available in different colors and styles, having aluminum at your property will improve its looks. Aluminum is an ideal option as a fence due to its corrosion resistive nature, low maintenance and no additional expenses (i.e. painting etc). 


Not all fences are installed considering privacy and beautification factors, fences are also built to keep your children and pets contained in an area. Aluminum fence can also be used as a pool fencing to keep kids and animals away from accidentally dipping. 

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike wood and wrought iron, there is no need for aluminum fence maintenance as it won’t rot, rusted and strangle. Wearing and tearing for aluminum is 60% less than wrought iron. For aluminum fence, no regular maintenance, no paint and no staining. 

Corrosion Resistant

As the wrought iron fence is susceptible to corrosion, aluminum fence is not. The tendency of a metal to corrode depends on its ability to be affected by water. Furthermore, steel fence’s base material is iron and for aluminum, it isn’t. no rusting treatment is required. 


Aluminum is recyclable and it makes aluminum fence an eco-friendlier option. Looking for a recycled aluminum fence is a sustainable option, but if you don’t get one, your fence can be recycled further. Plus, it doesn’t require refinishing and painting. 


When compared to wrought iron, aluminum fence is an affordable option. As its appearance resembles wrought iron but it is cheaper and readily available. No further keep-up maintenance costs make aluminum a budget-friendly and affordable option. 

Sloping Ability

For sloped areas, fence has the ability to curve itself with the landscape. The aluminum fence adjusts itself with slope without affecting fence body. Such ability will give a more polished appearance and will keep animals and pets from slipping beneath fence. 


Rusting is a destructive ability of metal and wrought iron fence no doubt lasts for decades, but it deteriorates with time. Contrarily, aluminum fence doesn’t rust. Its strength and quality remain consistent with time and don’t require paint. 


Aluminum is not affected by worse climate changes, so it doesn’t rust due to moisture conditions. Whenever it’s burning sun, snow, rain, hail and ice, aluminum fence will stay put. Great return on investment in form of aluminum fence installation. 


As commercial and residential landscapes vary, somewhere it is plain and somewhere it is sloppy. An aluminum fence is adjustable to every land without forming awkward transactions and gaps. Additionally, it has multiple heights, textures, caps color, racking and styles.

Aluminum fence is a long-lasting and heavy-duty option for your landscape. Get the best features of fencing with our aluminum fence installation. Invest in fencing to maximize your place’s security, privacy and beauty.  

Elite Fence provides the all-important guidance about commercial and residential fence installation in Charleston and its surroundings. 

Elite Fence is the best fence builder company in town. A family-owned business, run by professionals and has licensed staff. Let us help to guide you on how to dress up your property with fence installation.

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