Vinyl Fence Installation In Charleston SC

Vinyl Fence

Did you ever think about a fence that not only secure your place but look gorgeous? Your search is no more. Vinyl fence is a long-lasting, durable, affordable and stylish residential and commercial fencing option in Charleston SC. You want to upgrade or install new fence at your place for security purposes, let us be at your assistance as your local fence installation company. 

Vinyl fence comes in various styles, sizes, colors and types. Choose that one that fits perfectly for your property and choice. Vinyl fence appearance ranges from solid sheet to stakes (looks like a picket fence). Picking a vinyl fence is an ideal choice because of its privacy and security due to opaqueness and solid construction. 

Elite Fence company is passionate and expert about installing fence in Charleston, South Carolina.

Vinyl Fence

Fence Company Near Me – Vinyl Fence Installation

Never pave the pathways for intruders to enter your property. Achieve security that you want with local Charleston fence installation. Our passion and devotion to work are unique as we are focused at what we do. 

Hire a licensed and expert fence installation company today. Call us or write to us to get a free cost estimation. Let us take care of your property with intelligent and professional fence installation and repair services. 

Vinyl Fence Installation Charleston SC

Our facility is passionate about fence placement and installation. We can help you too with vinyl fence installation for your commercial and residential property. Multiple fence options are available to choose from but the benefits vinyl fence offers are identical. 

Benefits of vinyl fence 

Vinyl fencing is the best alternative to traditional fencing because of its countless features. Let us tell you a few advantages of vinyl fencing. 

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty means you don’t have to worry about strong winds, shiny sun and diverse climate changes. Protect your investment with vinyl fence installation with lifespan of up to 70 years, but depends on the quality of material.


As other fences like, aluminum, wood, iron are always in form of pickets and pieces, you can get a single slat and a complete vinyl fence without any in-between spaces. Secure your enclosed places with 8ft high vinyl fence single sheet.


Vinyl fence isn’t just cheap but aftermath for maintenance is low. Low-maintenance cost and being cheap to buy first-hand makes vinyl fence the best in market. Plus, you don’t have to pay for stains, treatment and plaints. 


A best-quality vinyl fence is 4 times stronger than ordinary wood. Unlike wood, it doesn’t deteriorate or decompose and its posts are not affected in rainy seasons. It will not twist, rot, blister or peel, even best for pool fencing. 

Striking Looks

Talking about vinyl styles, it is available in sheet form, post and rail form and horizontal formation. Available in multiple colors and offers additional benefits than wood fence, vinyl fence installation can be aesthetic and beneficial.

East Installation 

A wood fence whose posts have to be put in concrete or gravel and rails should be aligned, installation can take days. For a vinyl fence installation, a day or two is enough. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about painting. 


Metal and wood fences don’t have flexible nature but vinyl fence can change with weather conditions. For harsh sunlight, stormy weather, precipitation and winter, vinyl fence can stay put and will not damage property. 


No movable parts, painting, oiling and staining able vinyl fence to get less attention after installation. There will be hardly any maintenance after a decade or two. Save resources, maintenance supplies and repair time.

Vinyl Fence – Available Colors

  • White
  • Slate Gray
  • Clay
  • Tan
  • Textured Driftwood
  • Textured Clay
  • Textured Tan 
  • Textures Dark Sequoia 
  • Weathered Aspen 
  • Dark Walnut
  • Coastal Cedar
  • Driftwood
  • Dark Sequoia

Vinyl Fence Styles

Vinyl fence mainly comes in two different styles. One is picket style for aesthetic looks and other is privacy that gives the most prominent security around. Elite Fence Company offers the following types of vinyl fence installation services. Have a look at what we offer. 

  • Ranch Rail
  • Picket Fence With Scallop Top
  • Picket Fence With Open Top
  • Picket Fence With Closed Top
  • Semi-Privacy With 1.5” Picket
  • Semi-Privacy With 3” Picket
  • Privacy With Closed Picket Top
  • Privacy With Lattice Top
  • Solid Privacy
  • Solid Privacy With Decorative Rails

There can be a shortage of design sometimes. But when you give us a call and demand a specific fence, we can arrange it.

Areas We Serve

Our expert fence installation services are not only famous locally, but we also offer a variety of fence installation facilities including vinyl fence in 

  • Charleston SC
  • Mt. Pleasant SC
  • North Charleston SC
  • Moncks Corner SC
  • Summerville SC
  • James Island SC
  • Goose Creek SC

Vinyl Fence Installation In Charleston SC

Vinyl fencing is a reasonable, affordable and easy installation. House owners in Charleston SC prefer vinyl fence over others due  to its

  1. Longevity 
  2. Reason price
  3. Low-maintenance

Elite Fence company is ideally providing the best fence installation and repair services since 2010. 

Hire us to install vinyl fence for your property today

Vinyl Fence Installation In Charleston SC

Whenever you need a fence for security, privacy and pleasant looks, you can avail our fence installation services. We are an expert and licensed fence installation company in Charleston that specializes in creating custom commercial and residential fences. 

Over the years, we have provided quality fence installation services to schools, private properties, local owners, government bodies and a lot of other facilities for security and safety purposes. 

Commercial & Residential Fencing 

As we are fence installation experts, quality of services that we offer to residentials is no less than commercial fencing. For Elite Fence company, thing that matters the most is customer trust. 

Our prices are market competitive.

We deliver quality work with precision.

Our installed fences last for optimal lifespan.

For any kind of fence installation and repair service, give us a call. Get a free quote for cost estimation.