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Wood fences have long been a favorite among landowners due to their low cost and versatile design ideas. Elite Fence Company Charleston SC  has a good variety of over 20+ wood fencing that is useful, artistic, strong, and secure, ranging from rustic designs to solid barriers.

We understand that the architectural style of your home and the geography of your Charleston, SC neighborhood influence your fence selection. We would be happy to assist you if you have any questions about trustable wood fencing options or if you need to repair an existing wood fence.

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The Benefits of Wooden Fence

Choose Elite Fence Company for your wood fence needs. It is the most popular type of fence in the industry today. These fences are inexpensive, provide privacy, and have a lovely natural appearance that complements landscaping and other outdoor patio features.

Affordable Prices of Wood Fencing

It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money installing or repairing a wood fence. When you work with Elite Fence Company in Charleston, SC, we make it affordable to get wood fencing services. We are committed to offering low prices to our customers.

Why hire us for Wood Fence installation?

It is critical to compare your choices to select the best fence company for your wood fences task. So, why we are the best fencing company?

Wood Fencing Types

Wooden fencing is an appealing residential option. It could also use in some commercial uses. It enhances almost any design aesthetic, from mid-century new to colonial to Classic. A wooden fence has 100 % natural styles and colors, and you can always customize it with a layer of paint or stain.

You can select from a variety of woodworking projects for your new fence. Popular choices include:

Each wood type has a unique design.  Keep in mind that all wood fences have different maintenance needs, and not all wood kinds are appropriate for every atmosphere if not properly treated. Our team is glad to help you determine the best wood size and type for your home or office building. To get started, book a free session.

Why Should You Get a Wood Fence?

Everyone has different options when they want to install a new fence. Some people adore the antique appearance of wrought iron. Others love metal fencing’s stylish art form, and some appreciate PVC’s ease of use and low price. But a unique wooden fence is different from all fences materials.

Wood is possibly the oldest material for fences, and it has remained a popular choice. Wood also has a plethora of options. You can choose almost any style and look. It is simple to work with and, when properly treated, can withstand the aspects quite well.

Wood is an excellent choice for a classic style in your backyard. People are familiar with wooden fences with the railings they had as children. One of the defining features of suburban living is a traditional wooden privacy fence. A split rail fence is an ideal buy for a more rural setting. 

Wood Fence

Choosing the Strongest Fencing Wood

It is totally up to you what type of wood you would like to install around your property. Your choice of wood should be determined by your budget, desired look, and climate.

Reliability is less of an issue in moderate climates with minor changes in temperature and few extreme storms. Durability is a much larger concern in areas with significant temperature changes, getting cold winters, burning hot sun, or severe thunderstorms and breezes.

Pine is a good choice if you need to save money in the process. However, redwood may be a better choice if you want to invest more now to avoid future repair and replacement costs. Installing a fence that lasts a long time may not be worth your money & time if you are planning to move soon. On the other hand, a long-lasting fence is a practical choice if you intend to live in the house for an extended duration.

Elite Fence Company Charleston SC Professional Fence Installers Can Assist You If You Need A Versatile And Eye Catching Fencing Solution.

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