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Wood Fence

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For decades, wood fences have been in demand because of advantages it offers. Elite Fence LLC is devoted to offer the best fence installation and fence repair services in town. Our quality fencing services you can trust give you maximum security, aesthetic, privacy, safety and act as a better land separator. We deliver the results you want. 

Elite Fence LLC offers fence services to both commercial and residential owners. Since 2010, we have provided fencing services to schools, government bodies, private sectors, local homeowners and a lot more. Quality of our residential fence services are same as that of mighty commercial fence installation projects.

Thing that matters for us is the safety of your family. Our licensed professionals install wood fencing around your house keeping privacy and protection at higher priority. 

“With design variation, wood fence installation sanctions security, curb appeal, privacy and security”.

To get your fence installed in no time, contact us. We are a fence company Charleston SC, running business for over a decade.

Fencing Appreciates Your Property’ Looks

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Key material used for wood fencing is pressure-treated wood that is cut down into various shapes, sizes and dimensions. We use high-quality wood fencing materials made and processed under the same facility. Consistent finish of wood reflects high demand and fencing needs. 

Key Components Of a Wood Fence

With variety of wood fences available in the market, defining the individual fence parts is difficult. Picturizing a general wood fence, it has following parts.


Post is the extreme end part of a fence. Generally, its dimensions are thicker than the inner fence body. It helps to keep the entire fence in line and supports the overall fence structure. Mostly, the inner part of fence stays up from the ground but posts are inserted in ground with the help of concrete or gravel based on soil type. 


In a wood fence, cap is the top most part of a post. As the structure altering (reshaping) quality of wood is less as compared to metal, cap protects post’s end grain damage due to climate changes. For most people, cap of a wood fence is just a decorative part but it truly protects wood fence posts from deterioration. 


Pickets also known as boards or slats are the inner body of fence in-between posts. They act as the body of fence and they are placed at a calculated distance supported by rails. For a privacy fence, there is no space between pickets and they can be arranged vertically and horizontally. They come in multiple styles and types.


Rail is the supportive body of a fence that is extended along the length of pickets and attached to posts. Generally, pickets are placed on horizontal rail with nuts and bolts. Depending on the type and style of wood fence, there are generally 2 rails to support pickets but they can be increased with increment in width.

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We assure you that our wood fence will meet your requirements and enhance your house’s beauty and curb appeal. Get in touch with us to know more about our commercial and residential fence installation services in Charleston SC.

Areas We Serve

Our expert fence installation services are not only famous in town, but we also offer a variety of fence installation facilities including wood fence in 

  • Charleston SC
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  • James Island SC
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  • Mt. Pleasant SC
  • Moncks Corner SC

Types Of Wood Fencing


Cedar is the best available material for wood fence and running in the market for decades. Long-lasting, closed packing, reddish shade, and fewer knots makes cedar the favorable material for wood fence. It is a highly prioritized material in creating privacy fence. Though it slows down the decay process, cedar is not as impermeable as treated wood and composite. 


Wood fibers combined with plastic grains look like normal wood i.e. cedar but the resisting power is greater than other woods. Mostly installation of composite wood fence costs you same as that of wood but sometimes, it is more expensive due to its materials and installation process. No maintenance is required for such fencing other than occasional watering. 


One of the most expensive wood fence installation types is redwood. This class of wood fencing isn’t just expensive but resists splitting, decay, shrinking, warping and doesn’t damage by hot weather. With such high resisting power, oil or paint coating once a year helps to maintain its natural and original looks. For decades of performance, redwood fencing is a priority. 

Treated Wood

Chemically and pressure-treated wood is the best alternative to natural wood fence and it is suitable for fence, decks, pergolas etc. When used as a privacy fence, treated wood is an economical option as the wood posts may twist or fade at some points but the life expectancy of a treated wood fence is more than an ordinary wood fence. A reliable and wallet-friendly option.

Wood Fence Services We Offer In Charleston SC


A strong fence installation where pickets are arranged horizontally. Durable and updated fence type stronger than traditional wood fence.  


A conventional and cost-effective wood fence installation where wood pieces are arranged vertically giving you the best possible decorative looks. 


Wood fence installation including chain link sheets that don’t block your view. Keep animals away with fence but enjoy the beauty of surroundings. 


A privacy fence fulfills the need for maximum security and safety of your property. A view blocker wood fence installation to keep your house protected.

For any kind of fence installation and repair service, give us a call. Get a free quote for cost estimation.