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We are a local, family owned fence company in Charleston SC that provides chain link fencing. 

Protect your property with a chain link fence and keep intruders away from your property. A more convenient way to protect your property in Charleston SC.  Call us today to see why Charleston has trusted us for years with all their fencing needs.

Chain Link Fence

Why install Chain-Link?

Why choose chain link fencing when there are so many other options, such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum? Chain link fencing is a low-cost option that offers a number of advantages:


We offer chain-link fences in various altitudes, mesh sizes, color coatings, and dials. A chain link fence is worth considering if you require a security perimeter for a vast industrial complex, fitness centers, or an enclosure for your dog.

Minimal maintenance criteria:

The major benefit of this fence type is that it does not require regular maintenance. You do not need to wash the fence because vinyl or galvanized coatings do not absorb dirt.

Metal Longevity and toughness:

Chain link fencing is highly resistant to exposure to the elements and moisture. The metal fencing wire does not rust when the wind comes through the fence without causing damage because the wire does not rust.

Simple to install:

We install the metal fence in panels, which speeds the installation process and lowers costs. This fencing category is perfect if you need to protect your property quickly.


Chain link metal fencing can be 20 feet or higher, and you can bring multiple barriers to the fence if you want to avoid burglars from trying to access your property.

Professional Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain Link fence is difficult to beat in terms of price, installation pace, and safety. Chain-link is highly versatile. You can personalize it with anything from privacy slats to trees and shrubs, making it a functional and safe part of your home or business.

With our team, metal fence installation is stress-free with transparent pricing, quicker installation times, and an unwavering commitment to service and quality. Our team will finish the work right and build a fence that will exceed your expectations.

We start every fencing task with a discussion to fully understand your aims, financial concerns, and priorities. We have the knowledge, equipment, and materials to provide the ideal chain-link fencing or barbed wire fencing installation services with many years in the business.

Endless Options and Colors Available

Elite Fence Company Charleston SC is a major supplier of chain link fences & barbed wire fencing. We have a large stock of these fences, ideal for homes, open-air basketball or table tennis, play areas, farmlands, and other industrial businesses.

Chain link is also commonly used as a temporary or building fence, so we offer chain link fences for rental properties. Furthermore, for wholesale or bulk orders of chain link fences, we meet the needs to pool, commercial, or public builders.

Why hire us for Chain-Link Fences Service?

Let’s take a look at why we’re the best chain-link fencing company:

Planning to implement natural Touches

One disadvantage of using a chain link is that it can appear cold and uninviting. However, adding some nature can keep it warm and make it appear to be a natural part of your landscape. Growing shrubs along the fence are one way to accomplish this. Plants that grow up against the fence can hide it from view. You can have the appearance of a natural hedge while also adding the safety of a fence. Like other types of fences, chain link fences can almost simply vanish into a barrier.

Growing a vine effectively on the fence is another option. The chain link can be used as a trellis for famous flowering vines like bougainvillea, roses, and clematis.

Chain Link Fence

You can decorate a chain-link fence with window box flower pots if you don’t need to raise a full hedge of flowering vines. Window boxes are simple to link to a chain-link fence and carry various flowers, vegetable gardening, and herbs.

Use a Chain-Link to secure your property

Contact Elite Fence Company Charleston, SC today if you want to install chain link fencing at your property. We’d be glad to go over your chain link fences choices with you and give you some idea which one is best for your area based on color, size, strength, and other factors.

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