Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

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Protect your property with chain link fence and keep intruders away from your property. A more convenient way to protect your Charleston SC property. Hire the best for best results

Chain Link Fence

Fence Installation Charleston SC

Want to protect your property with a reasonable and affordable fencing solution? Chain link fence is the answer. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, chain link fence can be used for both commercial and residential fencing purposes. 

Protecting your property or a building with a chain link fence is ideal due to its aluminized, vinyl and galvanized coating. Available in brown, green and black colors, chain link fence can protect your backyard and commercial property. 

Get privacy screens and privacy slabs for both commercial and residential use. To secure your commercial property with automatic fence gates, you can get a quote upon request. 

Elite Fence company is committed to install beautiful and robust fence around your property. A fence doesn’t just improve your property security and privacy, it gives curb appeal and improves your home and business appearance. Looking for a chain link fence company Charleston SC with plenty of options? We can offer you more than 20. Still not able to get what you are looking for? Show us chain link fence picture. We will arrange it on your behalf.

Reliable, effortless and quick fence installation services in Charleston SC.

Chain Link Fencing Company Near Me

Elite Fence Company has experts and tools to install chain link fence in a short period. Our licensed fence installers can build a fence around your property that will look great. In Charleston SC, our chain link fence installation facility is famous because of its quick, clean and high-quality work. 

Advantages Of Chain Link Fence Installation

Every fence has its own perks as wrought iron fence is the most senior, robust and long-lasting fence. Chain link fence is the beast of its own class. It offers the following benefits.


Unlike wood and vinyl fence, chain link fence formation is in such a way that gives maximum safety. It is unable to break or tear with bare hands. On an extreme security level, an electric chain link fence can guarantee toughest security level.  


Coated with non-corrosion material, chain link fence gives the toughest and longest duration. With tough security and easily affordable, chain link fence is the most durable installation in fence classification. It can last for a half-century. 

Low maintenance

Fence installers have direct access with fence manufacturing companies and with vinyl, galvanized and aluminized coating, maintenance costs are reduced to zero. However, due to adverse climate changes, it may corrode sometimes. 


Being the cheapest fence installation option, every homeowner and business person can afford it. Protect your property perimeter with chain link fence starting from $5 per foot installation, it is the cheapest fence of its class. 


Unlike a lot of other fence types like wood or vinyl fence, chain link fence is see-through. Empty spaces between twisted wires allow you to see whenever someone is approaching. It enables light and air to cross across length. 


In contrast to other fence types of its family, chain link fence has numerous types depending on gauges, colors, styles, height and meshes. Chain link fence is highly customizable and can fit any location when needed. 

Quick installation

Installation time of a chain link fence is lower as compared to other fence types. For instance, a wood fence that is installed in 6 days, chain link fence of same length can be installed in a day or two. Enclose your property quicker. 

Quick repair

A chain link fence is robust and doesn’t damage for an extended period. However, if any part of chain link fence is damaged, it can be easily replaced and repaired. As fence coating color is identical, repair work won’t be visible. 

 Elite Fence company has experience and skilled fence installers. An insured and licensed fence installation company, all set to secure your commercial and residential perimeters with chain link fence installation. 

Fence is the greater need of time for local and commercial properties. Whether it is for property demarcation, sports areas or security, a chain link fence is the perfect and ideal choice. A low-budget and low-maintenance fence project fulfills your basic needs and looks great. Elite Fence Company provides vast chain link fence installation options based on choice, types, budget, and dimension requirements. 

Areas we serve

Charleston, South Carolina is our hometown and we started our fence installation business here back in 2010. Now, we have expanded our fence installation services and now we also offer our services in Summerville, Mt. Pleasant, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek, North Charleston, and James Island. 

Need a fence installation or a fence repair service? Give us a call or write to us. Our cost estimations are precise and market competitive.

Chain Link Fence Types – Fence Companies Charleston SC

For customers, there are multiple chain link fence options available today. Offering high-quality security, chain link fence should be knuckled from top and bottom to avoid injuries from sharp edges. Generally, chain link fence is offered in four forms.

Slatted Chain Link Fence 

This typically involves adding slat inserts in linking material for more privacy and security of commercial and residential property. Slabs are tough materials, made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and available in multiple finishes and colors. 

Color coated

Color coated chain link fences are booming fence market due to their attractive appearance. Many color-coated fences are used considering looks. For example, green and brown chain link fences are more likely to be used in gardens and backyards. 


A chain link fence is entirely made of metal, making it vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. Galvanizing makes chain link fence attractive, durable and corrosion-resistant for a longer time. Most galvanized fences are zinc coated.  

PVC Coated

PVC coated chain link fences are gaining popularity in market and they give more pleasant feelings because of multiple options. It is cheaper than galvanized chain link fence and its protective nature prevents fence from harsh climate changes and rusting.

Fence Installation

Galvanized Chain Link

PVC Coated  Chain Link

Slatted  Chain Link

Color Coated Chain Link

Customer Benefit

Cheap, Low-maintenance, see-through access

Long-lasting, cheaper,Available in multiple colors

Tough security, more privacy, sharp edges are covered

Multiple colors, attractive, blending ability

For any kind of fence installation and repair service, give us a call. Get a free quote for cost estimation.