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Currently, homeowners are most likely to choose picket fencing as their preferred fencing option. Fence company Summerville SC also offers fences used for decorative purposes as domestic boundaries are known as picket fences. This type of fence features vertical boards that are evenly spaced between horizontal rails or the pickets that are attached to horizontal rails for beautiful results.

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What options come with a wood-like look?

Do you intend to add a fence to your property? The traditional wood fence is a popular choice among homeowners. However, fence installation in Summerville, SC  provides you with a variety of materials that can be used to accomplish that same look. Here are some ways to tell what type of fence will work best for your property when choosing between wood, vinyl, and composite.

Wooden fences

Fencing can be selected from a variety of options when selecting a fence with fencing Summerville, SC. However, wooden fences have a certain classical simplicity about them. Aside from stone, wood has been a popular material for fences for centuries, and it continues to be. Furthermore, wood is available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. The versatility of wood makes it easy to work with and, when properly treated, it can withstand the elements pretty well.

When choosing a material for your yard, wood is an excellent choice. Wooden privacy fences are a distinctive feature of suburban living. A split rail fence is an exceptional option if you need to cover more land or want something more rural. A white wood picket fence is perfect if you’re trying to capture a classic look. There is nothing like wood for its versatility. Painting or staining it can bring out its natural beauty and is further enhanced with timely maintenance rounds with fence Repair in Summerville SC. A clear finish brings out the natural beauty of wood. To achieve a faded gray appearance, you can even leave your fence untreated.

Wood in comparison to other materials

By far, wood is the cheapest option out of composite, vinyl, and wood. Moreover, wood is a versatile material that can be easily updated. Despite the fact that you can choose various colors for a composite or vinyl fence, you can’t really change your mind later on. Wood fences can be stripped and repainted to accommodate changing tastes, however.

Picket fences fit well with any home

Vinyl fences, for instance, are resilient and made from modern picket fencing materials. Picket fences made from vinyl resist the elements more effectively than wood. This material is also designed to resist the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. As a result, vinyl picket fences require little maintenance thanks to their moisture-resistant properties.

Fence company Summerville SC utilizes technology that has led to the advent of innovative fencing materials like vinyl that are more and more budget-friendly. There is a vast variety of options available when it comes to fencing, but a picket fence with a 3-foot height is among the cheapest ones. Also, picket fences do not succumb to the weather and are easy to maintain with fence repair Summerville in SC, which saves you money on maintenance expenses over time.

Picket fencing is extremely simple to install and this is made a breeze by fence installation in Summerville, SC. A stylish fence can be constructed by combining standard-sized pickets and pre-made fittings. Moreover, its design process allows for easy accessorizing and customization. Visitors and guests that approach your property see the fence as one of the first things they see. Our services for Fencing in Summerville, SC help you get an elegant, well-maintained picket fence that can enhance the curb appeal of your home and increase its value. Further, higher picket fences are also available as privacy fences, which prevent pedestrians from taking shortcuts across your lawn.

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A vinyl fence

Fences made of wood can be damaged by the same punishment that vinyl can handle. Moist subjects wood to the greatest amount of deterioration. All types of wood can absorb moisture over time, including pressure-treated wood. Neither the wood nor the vinyl fence can absorb moisture. Swelling and rot are not likely to occur. A blistering or peeling of paint will not occur. Vinyl does not exist as an organic material, so it is not attractive to termites or other pests.

Vinyl is not rigid like wood fences or metal fences. The wind will still blow over your fence if you’ve opted for another option than vinyl, but that doesn’t mean vinyl will flail and twist. A vinyl fence is the best choice if you live in an area where there are high winds. Strong winds are a common part of thunderstorms. Vinyl is more flexible than other materials, so it can handle wind exceptionally well. There’s a variety available for vinyl, often mimicking the look of wood.

Vinyl perks

Vinyl has much greater strength than wood. Furthermore, it requires very little maintenance. All you need to do is give your vinyl fence a good wash with soap and water once a year. The vinyl fencing industry has significantly improved in the last decade. Nowadays, vinyl fences look great while providing high quality. 

Composite fences

Fencing made from plastic and fibers of wood is called composite fencing. The composite material from a fence company in Summerville, SC can be used to create any fence style. However, fiber-reinforced composites, though expensive, boast several advantages over wood. Their long-term lifespan, low maintenance requirements, and ability to save you money are all added benefits.

Composite fencing perks

As an environmentally-friendly alternative to wood fences, composite fencing is a great choice. The material that is used for fencing in Summerville SC is made up of wood fibers and recycled plastic, making it a fantastic way to use both recycled plastic and wood that is otherwise discarded. In addition, it is a durable fencing material available. Composite wood is less prone to aging than natural wood because of its plastic component. A number of manufacturers even provide warranty coverage for composite wood fences. Since composite wood fences are manufactured, they can mimic the appearance of any wood type.

A Waterproof Deck Is Necessary?

Your waterproof deck project should start with your reason for wanting one. You will need to talk to a Deck Builder in Summerville SC if you wish to build a deck nearby your pool, add a hot tub to the deck, or want to add a spa to the deck later. Deck Builder in Summerville SC keeps the weight added by the hot tub in mind when designing your deck so that you do not run into problems later. Whatever your decking needs may be, do a brief discussion with our designers. So, we can come up with a solution that suits your preference and adds appeal to your home.

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